Thailand “Marriage Visa”

Thai-foreign coupleIf you’re legally married to a Thai citizen you can apply for a one-year Non-immigrant visa “O” (based on marriage), often wrongly referred to as “marriage visa” (while it is actually an “extension of stay based on marriage”).
To qualify for this type of visa, your marriage needs to be officially registered in Thailand; a mere ceremonial marriage at a temple or a “common law” marriage is not recognized by the Thai government or family courts.

Initially, you will have to apply for this type of visa at a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad, preferably in your home country. Either single-entry visa (2,000 Baht) or multiple-entry visa (5,000 Baht) are available. (The latter may however not be available from honorary consulates.)
Upon entry into the kingdom, visa holders will receive a permission to stay in Thailand for initially 90 days. Multiple-entry visa holders may then do a “border run” to be granted another 90-day permission of stay.
If you meet the financial requirements, a single-entry Non-immigrant “O” visa can subsequently be extended to a maximum of a full year at a local immigration office and may afterwards be renewed inside Thailand every year. No visa runs are required; visa holders only need to report to a local immigration office every 90 days.
Alternatively, if you’re in Thailand already, for example, on a tourist visa, but have a Thai spouse and meet the financial requirements for a one-year extension, you can apply for a conversion to a 90-day Non-Immigrant “O” visa at the central immigration office in Bangkok, and subsequently apply for a one-year extension.
If you wish to apply for a multiple-entry Non-Immigrant “O” visa (based on marriage) in the SEA region, your best bet is a visa run to Savannakhet in Laos. (Note: No proof of income or money on a Thai bank account is required for holders of a multiple-entry visa unless they intend to extend their stay to a full year.)
And here’s a little known add-on: Foreigners married to a Thai citizen can also get a work permit and work with a “marriage visa” or extension of stay based upon marriage. No additional business visa is required but a work permit is still a sine qua non condition.

In order to qualify for the one-year extension, you’ll have to meet the financial requirements and either

  • show a minimum deposit of 400,000 Baht on a Thai bank account for at least two months prior to the extension, or
  • produce proof of a monthly income of at least 40,000 Baht (a letter from the applicant’s embassy has to be shown to verify this income).

Alternatively, a combination of money deposited on a Thai bank account and proof of a monthly income that equals a total of 400,000 Baht per year in total is also possible.

Farang-Thai familyIt’s only little transparent how applications for single-entry visa (can be extended to a full one-year stay locally each year) are proceeded in the South-East Asian region.
While some Thai consulates may reportedly be satisfied with either a bank deposit of 400,000 Baht or the submission of an income letter stating a minimum income of 40,000 Baht per month, others might require both in order to issue your desired visa.
To make sure you’ve got the correct documents needed in your case, please consult your nearest Thai embassy or consulate in advance.
The basic documents required for a successful “marriage visa” application and the subsequent extension to a full one-year permission of stay include your marriage certificate, child’s birth certificate (if any) and “positive evidence” (bank statement) of a 400,000-Baht deposit in a Thai bank, respectively proof of income (income letter).
Please note that you’ll actually have to live with your spouse (and be able to prove this) and must keep the 400,000 Baht on your account until the full one-year length of your “marriage visa” is being granted after 90 days.
Documents required for the visa extension may include the wife’s house registration and ID card, pictures of the house and family, as well as a recording interviewing the husband (visa applicant) and his Thai spouse to confirm their status of husband and wife.

As Thai Immigration law, on paper, requires the proof of a family income, it had become a popular option for less wealthy foreign partners of Thai spouses to apply for a Non-Immigrant visa “O” on the grounds that they’re being supported by their spouse provided he/she has a sufficient monthly income and can proof this by submission of tax statements.
It appears that in November 2008, however, Thai Immigration have changed the rules yet again and the minimum income of 40,000 Baht per month, or the 400,000-Baht deposit on a local bank account, must be the husband’s.
From Police order 777/2551: In case of marriage with a Thai woman, the husband who is an alien must have an average annual income of not less than 40,000 Baht per month or a money deposit in a local Thai bank of not less than 400,000 Baht …

An alternative type of a Non-Immigrant “O” visa (a so-called “dependant” visa) is available to foreigners married to holders of a Non-Immigrant visa of either type, or their unmarried children under the age of 20, and foreigners who have children with a Thai citizen. Among other documents, applicants will have to submit their (original) birth or marriage certificate respectively.

To find Thai embassies and consulates worldwide, please visit (official website). For further details, you’re advised to also visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
For up-to-date visa information or forum discussions of visa-related issues, please have a look at the Thai Visa Expat Forum. To find legal advisors or law firms that can help you with the application process, please also check the links on our Business in Pattaya page.

82 Responses to Thailand “Marriage Visa”

  1. I hold a non-o visa with a marriage extension…this is single entry. I just got offered a job in vietnam, which will keep me away from thailand for 6 months
    I know i have to pick up and fill out a form a thai immigration but what about my 90 day check in can i do this at a thai embassy or consulate or do i have to return to thailand


    • If you want to make sure your visa/extension remains valid you’ll first need a re-entry permit. The 90-day report is basically to confirm your address in Thailand. As you’re not in Thailand though for six months you obviously won’t have to do a 90-day report either during that time.

  2. You can do your 90 day reporting online as long as you have at least 7 days left before you are due to report. Not sure if you can do this from outside Thailand though.

  3. I have been married 5 years plus and have 2 children. I have been coming back and forth from thailand as have child in uk teenager now. It has suited me to use toutist visa but now immigration say must get correct visa.
    What visa is best and compltely hassle free as will need multi entry thailand uk 5 to 6 times year

    • Multiple-entry non-immigrant type “O” either based on marriage/Thai wife or supporting kids … whatever suits you better or is easier available in your area and situation? Best bet is you talk to your nearest Thai embassy/consulate and see what they say…

  4. If my husband is an expat sponsored by his company, am I also eligible to work there? Or must I also be sponsored by the company that hires me.

    • You can get a non-immigrant visa type “O” as accompanying spouse. Please check with your local Thai consulate what documents are required in your case, but they usually include your marriage certificate, copies of your husband’s work permit, visa-relevant passport pages etc. In order to work yourself legally you will however need to change to a non-immigrant “B” visa and apply for a work permit. Same procedure as for your husband.

  5. So if I am married, but don’t have enough money in the bank, I can still apply for a non o “marriage visa” but will have to leave the country after 90 days? But is it multiple entry and I can just go to the border? And it lasts one year, so four exits? Thx

    • Yes, as far as I’m aware you can apply for a multiple-entry non-immigrant “O” visa based on marriage without money in the bank. You would have to leave Thailand every 90 days and the visa is valid for one year (so could be stretched to as much as 15 months.) You’ll just need your marriage certificate & copy of your Thai wife’s passport. Best is though you contact your nearest Thai consulate and see what their exact requirements are – you know they like to make up their own rules sometimes…

  6. I recently got married to a Thai, not long after renewing my retirement visa. I understand 400,000 is required in my bank, which I have, but obtaining a letter confirming funds entering my account, I have only a divorce settlement from my first marriage outlining my payments I will receive for the next ten years of approximately one million dollars Australian.. If I get this separation agreement notarized do you think it would be accepted?

    • From what I understand you will need either 400,000 Baht in your bank OR equivalent funds going into your account to get a one-year-extension based on marriage, so it shouldn’t be a problem I guess? Best though is you talk to your local immigration office first and see what they say.

  7. I have a non o marriage visa. It becomes out of date on the 8th of july 2016. I have been exiting and entering thailand every month due to work. Is my visa still valid or is it cancelled? How do I go about renewing it if it’s not cancelled?

    • When was your visa issued? Is it a multiple or a single-entry visa? If it’s a multiple-entry visa there’s no problem whatsoever with exiting and re-entering again and again as long as the visa remains valid. (If it was just a single-entry visa immigration wouldn’t have given you another 90 days on your second, third etc. arrival anyway but just a 30-day visa-exemption stamp.) If you’ve got the required funds or income to show immigration you can always apply for a one-year extension locally. Otherwise you may have to apply for a fresh multiple-entry non-O visa abroad.

  8. Dear sir/madam
    Yesterday I got married with my thai girlfriend in Bangkok and got marriage certificate also.. Now where and what all documents required to apply for 90 days non-immigration re-entry visa…
    Please healp me.
    Thank you..

    • I guess your best bet currently is Savannakhet in Laos; other than what I’ve heard from Penang and KL most recently you won’t have to show money in the bank etc. there to apply for a multiple-entry non-O based on marriage. Required documents (according to my knowledge) are: original marriage certificate, copy of marriage certificate, signed and dated copy of your wife’s ID card, copy of your wife’s “tabian baan”, also signed and dated.

      • Thank you!!
        So, inside the kingdom I cannot apply for 90 days visa and I need to leave the kingdom travel to other country and get the 90 days multipal-entry visa right..

  9. How can you open a thai bank account before arriving in Thailand? And if in Thailand, how can you open one while you are just on a non immigrant visa?
    In summary, how can you transfer the 400,000 THB ?

    I am confused a bit regarding this point and i hope you can shed some light on it.

    Thanks in advance.

    • You can open a Thai bank account only when you’re in Thailand and then transfer the money to the new account. If you haven’t got online banking or carry the money in cash this might require two trips to Thailand? With a non-immigrant visa it shouldn’t be too hard to open a new bank account in Thailand (it might also be possible to get some paperwork from immigration saying you need a bank account in order to apply for a one-year extension?)

  10. Me and my Thai wife are married in the USA. From what I gather, I get a non imm. visa O for 90 days (which a 1 way ticket is ok). In Thailand, we get a Thai marriage certificate and transfer 400,000 baht to a Thai bank account, then we apply for a marriage visa granting us 1 year at the end of the 90 days?

  11. My wife (Thai) and I married in 2014. We intend on moving to Thailand in Nov this year. I am 57 and retiring, we have land (wife’s name) and we intend on building a house. What is my best visa option.

    • If you’re retired by then you could apply for a Non-Immigrant “O” visa based on retirement. If your pension is high enough (65k Baht a month) or you’ve got 800k Baht on a Thai bank account you could also get a one-year extension. Alternatively apply for a Non-Immigrant “O” visa based on marriage, for which you have to show less money on the bank and a smaller pension will be sufficient in order to get a one-year extension.

  12. HI !
    I have a 1 year O non-immigrant visa ,multiple entry’s,based on marriage,that I got in my country.When I arrived to Thailand I get 90 days stamp.My question is were I need to go and what documents I need to bring,to get the extension of stay up to end of visa expiration date.I live with my wife in Bangkok.I have 400000B in thai bank.
    Thanks !

    • You need to go to your local immigration office and apply for a one-year extension. Aside from the 400k Baht in the bank, marriage certificate etc. please ask there again what specific documents they want to see in your case as this may vary.

  13. i have a retirement visa needing 800,000 baht in the bank. with the fall to 46 baht to the pound i dont really want to change any money at the moment.if i married my thai girlfriend would i only have to have 400,000 in the bank. i dont need to top up my account to 800,000 till october

  14. Hi,

    I got 2 months marriage visa till mi september, i believe we need to show 400k in Thai account, unfortunately i have only 200k. How can i get a1 year N.O Visa? can i ask for some extension in case they refuse?


    • Officially you need 400k for the one-year extension. I’m not sure but if you tell immigration about your problem they might offer a solution “under the table”? Otherwise your best bet might be using a “visa office”. They will charge you a bit more than what it usually costs but will probably be able to help you. (No, I cannot recommend any particular visa/law office.)

  15. I am currently separated from my Thai wife although we are still legally married. I hold a multiple Non-immigrant O visa which expires in October this year.

    At the expiration of this visa, am I able to apply for a further multiple visa in Savannakhet (no funds required)? I have all the necessary documents which have been signed by my wife, i.e. house papers, ID card, marriage cert, kor ror 2 (updated).

    Thank you.

    • As long as you’re still legally married and have all the necessary documents (and you don’t tell them you and your wife have separated, which might cause an issue?), yes sure. To my knowledge, there’s still no requirement for proof of funds in Savannakhet either.

  16. i have a retirement visa at the moment and i am thinking of getting married to my thai girl friend of 3 the moment i keep 800,000 baht in the the pound has dropped since brexit i am loathe to top my bank account up [currently at500;000] how easy is it to change from retirement to marriage visa. im worried if i only have 400,000 in the bank 90 before renewal and i dont get a marriage visa i will have a problem

    • I’ve never had either visa myself but from what I understand, you have a Non-immigrant visa type “O” or “O-A” and an extension based on retirement (for which you officially need 800k Baht in your bank account)? I would suggest you check with your local immigration office but I think it should be possible to change the reason for the one-year extension from “retirement” to “marriage” (for which you’d need only 400k Baht in the bank.) After all, a “marriage visa” is just a Non-immigrant “O” visa with an extension based on marriage, not an independent visa.

  17. I have Thailand work permit and non b visa. I am going to marry thai lady. I apply for affirmation certificate from embassy. they show my yearly income 420000 thb. mean per month 35000, my social security show thb per month 35000, it will be create any problem to get marriage certificate ?

    • 400k per year should be okay. Just why would you want to change from “b” to “o” based on marriage anyway? And what should be the problem with getting the marriage certificate? You need the 400k Baht in your bank to get the one-year extension.

  18. Hi I am considering applying for a marriage visa.I have been married in Thailand for 4 years and have 2 kids there.My work has been keeping me in UK so I have only been able to have around 3 Thai visits per year.I normally stay in my wife’s mothers house when we go to the village..Is it possible for me,a foreigner to be included on the house book.I understand that I would need to show my registered address?My bank account is also registered to the mother in law’s house.

    • I don’t quite understand your issue with the house book. Proof of address is now required at immigration, so when you move into your wife’s mother’s house (once you’ve arrived in Thailand) your wife’s mother would have to fill a TM.30 form for you at immigration (actually within 24 hours of moving in), notifying them that you’re staying at her place. That would be your “registered address” with immigration then. Or do you need to indicate an address in Thailand when applying for the visa? Just use that address then (your wife’s mother’s house) and I can’t see where the problem should be?

      • many thanks.just another quickie query..I understand there is a requirement for a police clearance cert. from my home for long stay visa.(retirement).is this also the case for marriage visa?

        • As far as I’m aware – no. Anyway it’s probably a good idea to contact the embassy/consulate prior to applying for the visa to make sure you know exactly what documents are required.

  19. Hello

    I currently hold a non o multi based on marriage. On the 22nd November will expire.
    I wish to convert to a full marriage visa here in Pattaya. I have been married one year living together. We have all paperwork. They require one of 2 options I think.
    1 400,000 in bank
    2 income of not less than 40,000 a month from me.

    If I provide a letter of income monthly pension from my Embassy in BKK and all paperwork. Is this sufficient

    Thanks Tom

    • Provided you have all the other paperwork that should be sufficient. Just contact immigration early enough before your visa expires to make sure you can get a one-year extension or, if necessary, have enough time left to arrange whatever paperwork etc. may be missing.

    • It’s not the visa that you’re getting at immigration (you get the visa from a Thai embassy or consulate) but a one-year extension based on marriage. As far as I know, the fee is 1,900 Baht – same as for other extensions.

  20. Hi, I’m a US citizens and marriages to a Thai lady, right now I’m holding a 30 day VOA but I would like to change it to a thai marriage visa because I got a job offer here in Thailand, what are the documents requirements for that visa and do I need to provide the money in a bank account?(which I don’t have)

    • I’m not 100% sure but you will definitely need the marriage certificate and 400k Baht in a Thai bank account or a proof of an equivalent income. Best is you ask at your local immigration office what further documents are required. You will also have to have your visa-exempt stamp converted to a Non-immigrant visa type O or go on a visa run and apply for a Non-immigrant visa at a Thai consulate. As far as your job offer is concerned: Even if you’re legally married to a Thai citizen you will still need a Non-immigrant visa type B (business) and a work permit to legally work in Thailand.

  21. Anyone can give me information about the situation if a Thai man marrying a Philippino woman? Are there absolute the same rules, cause I heard that there are different rules, if the foreigner is female. Also she has 3 young children born in Thailand but got the Philippines citizenship (children are from Philippino father who ran away) . Do the children need to do any visa runs or any chance to get the Thai citizenship due to marriage of their mother? I am a friend and want to help her out so the children can go to school here in Thailand. Any help and information appreciated.

    • Sorry but I haven’t got enough information about cases of Thai men marrying foreign women. All I know is that the visa application will be considerably easier for her than it would be for a foreign man. As far as I know, she won’t have to show money in the bank or an equivalent income – which in many cases is the biggest obstacle for foreign men married to Thai women. No, her children wouldn’t have to do visa runs but should easily be able to get a Non-immigrant visa type “O” based on “dependency”, enabling them to get annual one-year extensions locally and without having to leave the country. Then again, I’m no expert on this and would advise your Thai friend to talk to immigration about visa options and requirements. Hope that’s helped a bit.

  22. Hi
    I am a Yemen passpoet holder and i got a job in thailand and when i applied for non-b employment visa in india because i am a permenant resident there i got my visa void and then i tried to apply for a tourist visa again but unfortuentally i got another void visa so i am planing to bring my girlfriend here and get married so i can get the non- o visa and be able to go back to thailand the question here IS IT A GOOD IDAI TO DO THAT OR THEY WILL GIVE ME THE SAME VOID VISA AGAIN WHICH WILL CUASED A PROBLEM FOR ME?

    • I don’t quite understand why the visas were voided? I’m not familiar with visa application requirements for Yemen nationals either. Could it be you have to apply in your home country?

      • Thank you for your kind reply..
        I have another enquery if you do not mind .. I would like to know if I bring my girlfriend to india and get married here so do you think that it will be easier for me to get back to thailand with the voided visa that i got before whereas the embassy says that there is no problem with the void visa as it means only that my visa has been cancelled without clearing the reasons..
        Best regards

        • In that case you would have to apply for a Non-immigrant “O” visa based on marriage/supporting a Thai spouse at the Thai embassy in India. Then again, as I mentioned above, I’m not sure whether this is possible for Yemen nationals? Best is you ask at the embassy first.

  23. Hello, im married to a thai woman but dont have the money renquired to get a full year visa. Im planning to go to Savannakhet to get a multilple entry o visa, they dont require to check my bank statement. My question is , i got i ve to do a border run every three months, what i ve to do on a border run? Just cross the border and come back? Its can be any border? For reporting every three months, i ve to mail to Savannakhet ? And when i got the border stamp who grant me 3months would i ve to show any bank statement?
    So baciscally its 5k visa for 1 years and every 3 months i ve to report myself and do a border run? Its seem too easy but its good.
    Do you know why thailand let this situation happening? Do casino under thai owner ship in Savannakhet have smth to do here?

    My big worry for this visa is that the government will cancel it one day and i hope i wont have to back home.

    • As it seems you can still get a non-immigrant “O” multiple-entry in Savannakhet without showing any bank statements. Just make sure you got all the right documents, or even better, take your wife with you. You’ll have to leave the country every 90 days then – just cross any border and come back immediately if you like, and you’ll get another 90-day entry stamp. No bank statement or anything required. Not sure what you mean by “reporting every three months”? You do a border run every 90 days, that’s it. 90-day reports are only required for long-term (one-year) visa holders.

      • Thanks you for your fast answer.
        Okay that why i was confuse , i thought i had to report every three months and do a border crossing, while just the border crossing is required.

  24. Hello sir ,i am max from india , i want to marry my thai girlfriend , so how i should register marraige u know any easy process , and later to apply non o visa

  25. I am married to a Thai woman and have a 15 month non o visa . What can I do if I could never get the money in my bank account either for a marriage or a retirement visa , can I go back and forth on the non o visa until I die basically ?

    • I guess you mean a multiple-entry non-immigrant ‘O’ visa? Well, as long as it’s possible to get that type of visa without proof of income or money in the bank, I would say yes. Just bear in mind that a number of consulates have started asking for exactly that now, so it’s really unpredictable.

  26. Can i still still get a non-immigrant “O” multiple-entry in Savannakhet without showing any bank statements? Regards, Ronald

    • As far as I know (!) YES, provided you got all the required documents. But you might want to check the latest reports on the forum as things appear to change very rapidly these days?

  27. Hi, so my Thai husband and I are planning to move to Chiang Mai this fall and I will be applying for a multiple entry visa for 1 year. I was hoping to get there and look for a job, and then apply for a work permit there. Is that possible? Or do I have to secure employment before arriving in Thailand?

    • No, you can look for a job here but will have to change to a proper business visa then (Non-immigrant type ‘B’) and apply for a work permit etc.

  28. I have a non ‘o’ supporting thai wife 1 year visa. I also have a WP. As a foriegner has to earn a minimum and pay tax on at least 50,000 a month, which I do why would Penang insist on a bank deposit of 800,000 for a non ‘o’ visa based on marriage.
    Interpretation of Thai law seems to be up to the individual. How ridiculous.

  29. ok last year i got one non immigrant “o” visa is that that same as a marriage visa all i needed then was application, fee, copy of marriage license, my passport

  30. does a non immigrant “O” visa based on marriage let you stay 8 months without re-enrty iam married to a thai wife for 10 years and plan on building a house there on her land so i need to be there. what are the requirements for that visa or is there another type of visa that works easier?

    • You can get either a multiple-entry non-immigrant “O” visa based on marriage which is good for 90 days per stay or a single-entry one which can be extended to a full year. The requirements are technically as explained on this page but it really depends on your individual case and what embassy/consulate you’re applying at. Whether it’s easier or not also depends on your individual case. Best to talk to your nearest Thai embassy.

  31. so what requirements are to be submitted if i ask for like 3-4 month extension on a 90 day single entry non immigrant “O” visa

    • The extension should be for a full year. But I’m sorry I can’t really tell you what the individual requirements will be – aside from what is stated above on this page – as it may really depend on the individual immigration office where you apply for the extension. Apart from submitting the correct paperwork they ask for (which may vary from office to office) you should also have the required amount of money on your bank account for a sufficiently long period of time. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to stay for a full year anyway, why not apply for a multiple-entry non-immigrant “O” visa. You would only have to cross the border out/in after your first 90 days.

  32. I’m a lady and wish to marry Thai man How can I can deposit 400,000 Thai baht in a savings or a fixed deposit account in a Thai bank

  33. I am married to a Thai national and will be going back over with an O Type visa next year.
    I will be looking to get this extended for 1 year in Ayutthaya if possible.
    We have a home in Suphan buri and money in the bank, is this usually a straight forward process?
    Anything I need other than this you can advise me on.
    Many thanks

  34. I have a Thai wife but we both live outside the country most of the year. I visit Thailand 4 or 5 times a year, always on a tourist visa as I never stay longer than 30 days. Is there any benefit of applying for a non-immigrant type O visa?

    Traveling on a tourist visa has always been convenient, but I wonder if immigration will eventually flag me?

    • In case it matters, I should note that my 4 or 5 annual trips are spaced out enough that they don’t look like visa runs.


    • This may or may not happen. What do you actually mean by “tourist visa”? Sounds to me like you travel to Thailand without a visa but just get your 30-day entry stamps under the visa exemption scheme. In that case, entries are now limited to only 2 per calendar year. If you do indeed travel on tourist visas the Thai consulate where you apply for them may eventually issue you a red warning stamp. Then you could either get yourself a new passport or indeed apply for a non-immigrant “O” visa.

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