Underage Girls Offered for Sex in Pattaya Massage Shop

Thai massage on Pattaya beach

A seemingly traditional massage shop on Soi Chalermprakiat 25 (as far as we know that’s Soi Chaiyapoon just off Soi Buakhao) was raided after police had received a number of reports that the venue was offering “extra” services also provided by underage girls.
After verifying these rumours through the help of a foreign undercover agent armed with 1,500 Baht in marked banknotes the 43-year-old manageress/owner of the shop was arrested and charged with a number of offences including human trafficking and luring and offering underage girls for sex.

Pattaya One report that as the foreign informed entered the little massage shop,

sure enough he was greeted by the manageress, who asked what he was looking for. He had been told specifically to ask for an underage girl, and within minutes, [the manageress] had brought out a 14 year old Thai girl, and sent them on their way to an upstairs room.

Let’s just add that “extra services” are nothing unusual in many massage shops around Pattaya, especially in the Soi Buakhao area such as Soi Honey or Soi Chaiyapoon.
14-year-old sex workers in Pattaya are very unusual these days though and your webmaster is surely a bit surprised to read this story. Underage sex workers may occasionally be found in karaoke bars and similar venues that cater exclusively to Thai customers but hardly ever in places that cater to foreign visitors.
We just felt the urge to point this out to prevent anyone from, well, getting inspired and eventually running into trouble. Sex with minors is technically illegal also in Thailand. Don’t even think about it.

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