How Ugandan Women Are Lured Into the Sex Trade in Pattaya

There aren’t many black freelance hookers from Africa you will come across in Pattaya but you can always spot a number of mostly Ugandan women at the southern end of the beach promenade near Walking Street.

Now two young women from Uganda, named as Miss Forsia and Miss Dollar, who were lured into the sex trade in Pattaya filed a complaint against two fellow countrywomen at Pattaya Police Station.
The suspects, identified as Marie Nagawa, 29, and Rosemary Nebwiri, 31, had apparently paid for the victim’s air tickets to Thailand (it remains unknown what they had been promised and why they actually boarded the flight to Bangkok) and then forced the women to sell sexual services on Pattaya beach in order to repay their debts.
The story sheds a bit of a light on how Ugandan women come to work in the sex trade in Pattaya.

Based on a report by Siamchon, Pattaya One reports:

Marie [one of the suspects] had paid for the airfares from their home country of two women who later went to make a complaint to tourist police in Chonburi. (…)

The two women claimed they had no idea they were going to have to sell themselves when they came to Thailand.

Apichai [the Pattaya police chief] explained: “The two victims arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport and were then brought to Pattaya where they met Rosemary [the other suspect]. She took them to stay at Chichi House in Pattaya Sai 2 [Second Road], Soi 17.

“In the room there they met Marie who immediately told them to take a shower and said they would then be going out to work.

“She took them straight to Beach Road where they were told to work for 500 – 1000 baht short time or 2,000 baht all night”.

Forsia [one of the victims] said “no way” and was allowed to go back to the room but Marie said that her friend had to stay with her to start paying off the debt that they both owed to her.

Apichai continued: “Next day both victims escaped and fled back to Suvarnabhumi with the intention of going straight back to Uganda. But when they got to the airport their flight tickets had already been cancelled so they went back to Pattaya again”.

Then on Wednesday of this week the victims managed to escape again and went to the airport once more.

The two victims eventually managed to file a report at the Pattaya Police Station which led to the arrest of the two Ugandan suspects.

Source: Pattaya One News

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