Silver Star A-GoGo Bars Raided on Pattaya Soi 7, Soi 8

Two GoGo bars on Soi 7 and Soi 8 were raided late Saturday night as police appear to be continuing some kind of selective crackdown on GoGo Bars and “lewd show entertainment” in an attempt to clean up Pattaya’s seedy image.

The raids on the two Silver Star A-GoGo’s which are virtually located just around the corner from Pattaya Police Station were allegedly inspired by “several reports that sex shows were being performed” at the venues. (Another possibility is certainly that the owners forgot to pay their tea money in time.)
They also came on the heels of a surprise visit by the Boys in Brown at the popular Windmill A-GoGo earlier this week, during which an elderly Briton was caught in the act with a “private dancer” in a short-time room on the premises.
So what dirty secrets behind closed doors did the police uncover on Soi 7 and Soi 8?

Pattaya One News report:

The first point of call for the police was Silver Star A-Gogo on Soi 8. On entering, police found there to be several dancers on stage with outfits not leaving much to the imagination. They also found two girls in a bathtub with nothing on, entertaining the many tourists in the venue. The place was quickly shut down, with customers being asked to pay the bills and leave.

Nude girls in a bathtub?! Oh my Buddha.

Police then made their way onto Soi 7, where Silver Star has their sister A-GoGo. On entering the sister venue, police found no dancers or girls in the bathtub, however they did find different toys that could potentially be used to entertain guests in a sexual manner.
Police found enough evidence to shut the place down too and put the reason for no dancers down to there being a tip off that they were on the way.

As is right and proper in the face of such overwhelming evidence police interviewed staff members and called the owners of the venues for questioning (or perhaps to make them settle their outstanding bills?)
It remains unknown whether or not any charges were laid against the owners and for how long the two venues will be closed but we can only guess it won’t be for good.

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  1. Hi Andy, well my hotel was just up the road from there and it was a great place, just like many others around there. Do you know if it has now re-opened? I think as usual its a one off whim that the police have now and again.
    Either that or does Pattaya have a new mayor or province leader who is trying to throw their weight about.
    Like most things in Thailand I think after a little while this show of force will die a death and things will return the good old sin city normality. Let me know what you think please. By the way I have just sent you an e-mail. I would be most obliged if you would kindly respond as soon as possible. Many thanks, DAVE……………………..

    • Well, the current city administration has been appointed by the military govt, probably explains why they’re cracking down a bit stricter than usual occasionally? But I agree there shouldn’t be any long-lasting impact and I guess the place is open again by now. I’ll reply to your email in the next few days, Dave. Good to see you obviously enjoyed your stay?!

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