Two Foreigners Complain Confiscated Phones Not Returned by Police

Here’s a bizarre story that may or may not come as a surprise to some readers. Two foreigners, one an American national, the other one an Indian national, have complained that they were recently detained for drunk driving in two separate cases and had their mobile phones confiscated by the police.
While that’s business as usual, both men allege that officers did not return their phones to them after they were released from detention upon their appearance in court and probably paying a hefty fine.

The 53-year-old American national had reportedly made his way to Pattaya Police Station on Thursday to pick up his confiscated belongings, however officers returned only his passport, not the mobile phone he says he had been carrying on him and that he claims police officers confiscated.

What is funny is that while at the police station, he bumped into a 36-year-old Indian tourist who had also been detained for drunk driving and come to the police station to pick up his confiscated mobile phone that he claims officers wouldn’t return to him either.
According to PDN, the Indian tourist was “just told by the officers that they have no idea about the lost item.”

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Source: Pattaya Daily News

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