Asian Tourist Couple Caught Having Sex on Pattaya Beach

Tourist couple caught having sex on Pattaya beach

Imagine that: Sex on Pattaya beach! While sexual intercourse between couples of various mixtures (straight, gay, interracial etc.) obviously takes place a multitude of times behind closed hotel room doors each night in Pattaya – after all, sex is the very ingredient this city was built on – the sight of a foreign couple having sex on the beach or in the sea is actually not all so common. (Unless you knew that: Thailand is actually very prudish and sex in public places obviously against the law.)
We remember just two incidents in the last few years that also made headlines in the media. In one case it was a Russian couple frolicking in the sea off Pattaya beach; the other case were a young Iranian couple doing it right on Jomtien beach. Unfortunately for the two young lovers from the strict Islamic republic, their names were also published in the media after they were caught red-handed by the police and ordered to pay a 500-Baht fine for “indecent behaviour in public.” We can only guesstimate what kind of “welcome party” they were given in their home country?

Now a young Asian couple have “done it” again – in a well-lit area of Pattaya beach. Local media report that at about 3 a.m. Thursday morning, the Asian-looking couple were spotted by “shocked” locals frolicking in the sea less than 30 meters off the beach. The woman was seen sitting astride her male partner, with her legs wrapped around his waist, leaving no doubt for their “outraged” spectators that the shameless foreign couple were having a quick two-minute session of passionate underwater sex.
Only when the lustful East-Asian couple realized they were attracting a lot of attention and anger and settled for coitus interruptus, they quickly returned to the beach, put some clothes on again and disappeared in the direction of a nearby hotel. Sex on the beach – just without a happy ending.
Fortunately, the two horny lovers of unknown nationality didn’t just avoid eye contact with their snapshooting audience, but also escaped a chat with the police and the standard 500-Baht fine. Let’s just hope they managed to complete their naughty little business to their fullest satisfaction in the privacy of their hotel room.

Sources: Khaosod, Pattaya One

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