Thailand No. 2 in Short-Penis Rankings

10295750_10205190200506147_4971226812777732728_nWe love science and statistics – don’t you too? A “scientific” penis-length study by the British Journal of Urology International has now found that Thai men, like it or not, have an average penis length of a mere four inches or 10.16 centimeters.
As a result – only “topped” by North Korea’s average 3.8 inches – Thai males tie with Indian men for a disreputable second place in the inglorious short-penis rankings.
The study compiled data of thousands of men across the world aged 17 to 50 years with a minimum sample of at least 50 participants per country.
While according to the research, most Western men appear to be equipped with an average size penis of a length of around five to six inches, South Americans and Africans were found to have the longest willies, with an average length of up to 7.1 inches (Congo).

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