Basic Thai Vocabulary & Useful Phrases

Note: Thai language has its own script with 44 consonant letters, 15 vowel symbols that combine into at least 28 vowel forms, four tone diacritics, and an own set of numerals. There are many systems for transcribing Thai into the Roman alphabet. While some may be more approachable to foreign learners than others, they’re surely all not flawless.
The phonemic transcription system used here is not officially recognized, unfortunately not always consistent and certainly not flawless either but, in our opinion, comes as close to the original sound as possible. Please scroll down on this extensive page to hopefully find just what you’re looking for.

  1. Days of the Week & Months
  2. Counting Numbers in Thai
  3. Personal Pronouns
  4. Useful Words & Phrases
  5. Restaurant & Food Phrases
  6. Health-Related Phrases
  7. Basic Thai Vocabulary A-Z

Days of the Week & Months

day = wan; today = wan nee; yesterday = muea waan (nee); tomorrow = proong nee
week = aa-tit; month = duean; year = bpee

Days (English)Days (Thai)
Mondaywan jan
Tuesdaywan ang-khaan
Wednesdaywan poot
Thursdaywan pa-rue-hat
Fridaywan sook
Saturdaywan sao
Sundaywan aa-tit
Months (English)Months (Thai)

Counting Numbers in Thai

Numbers (English)Thai Number Words
11sip-et (!)
13 ...sip-saam ...
20yee sip (!)
21yee sip-et
22 ...yee sip-so:ng ...
30saam sip
31 ...saam sip-et ...
40see sip
50 ...haa sip ...
100(nueng) roi
101(nueng) roi-et
102 ...(nueng) roi so:ng ...
200so:ng roi
300 ...saam roi ...
1,000nueng pan (speak "pun")
2,000 pan ...
10,000nueng mue:n
20,000 mue:n ...
100,000nueng saen
200,000 saen ...
1,000,000nueng laan
2,000,000 laan ...

Please note that it’s: 11 = sip-et, not “sip-nueng”; 20 = yee-sip, not “so:ng-sip”; 21 = yee-sip-et, not “so:ng-sip-nueng”. Accordingly it’s: 31 = saam-sip-et; 41 = see-sip-et etc.

Personal Pronouns

Depending on the “level of speech”, different sets of personal pronouns are being used in Thai. The ones listed here are the most commonly used ones and recommended for foreign speakers. In Thai, there are no reflexive or other personal pronouns, but possession may be indicated by the particle kho:ng. Subject pronouns are frequently omitted, often with nicknames of the speakers used instead.

Personal PronounsThai Personal Pronouns
I, mepom (for male speakers)
I, mechan (for female speakers)
youkhun (polite), tur (as in English "turn")
he/she, him/herkhao
itman (speak "mun")
we, us(puak) rao
youpuak tur
they, thempuak khao

Frequently Used Thai Words & Phrases (General)

In “polite speech”, which is recommended for foreign speakers, the particles khrab (for male speakers) and kha (female speakers) can be added to any phrase or sentence.

Useful Words & PhrasesThai Translation
Hello, Good morningsawat-dee khrab (male speakers)
Hello, Good morningsawat-dee kha (female speakers)
How are you?sabai dee mai (khrab/kha)
I am finesabai dee khrab/kha
Thank youkhorb khun khrab/kha
Excuse me, Sorrykhor to:ht khrab/kha
My name is ...pom/chan chue ...
What is your name?khun chue arai
How old are you?khun aa-yoo tao-rai
I'm ... years oldpom/chan aa-yoo ... bpee
Do you speak English?khun pood paa-saa angkrit bpen mai
I do not speak Thaipom/chan pood paa-saa tai mai bpen (dai)
I can speak Thai a little bitpom/chan pood paa-saa tai mai dai nit noy
Do you understand?khao jai mai (khrab/kha)
I don't understandpom/chan mai khao jai
I do not knowmai roo (khrab/kha)
Never mind, It's alright, No problemmai bpen rai (khrab/kha(
I don't wantmai ao (khrab/kha)
I don't likemai chorb
What time is it?gee mo:hng
Where do you come from?khun maa jaak nai
I come from ...pom/chan maa jaak ...
Where is ...?... yoo (tee) nai
Where is the toilet?ho:ng naam yoo nai (khrab/kha)
When ...?mua-arai
I like youpom/chan chorb khun
I love youpom/chan rak khun
You are (so) cutekhun naa rak (maak)
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?khun mee faen rue yang
darling, honey, sweethearttee rak
How much?(raakhaa) tao-rai
Can you give me a discount?lot dai mai (khrab/kha)
expensive, too expensivepaeng, paeng goe:n bpai
Check the billcheck bin, geb dtang duai (khrab/kha)
hotelro:hng raem
Do you have a room available?mee ho:ng waang mai (khrab/kha)
air-con roomho:ng air
fan roomho:ng pat lom

Useful Restaurant & Food Phrases

Restaurant & Food PhrasesThai Translation
Are you hungry?khun hiu khao mai
I am hungrypom/chan hiu khao
to eatgin khao
to drinkdue:m
restaurantraan aahaan, ho:ng aahaan
Thai foodaahaan tai
Western foodaahaan farang (speak "falang")
seafoodaahaan talay
breakfastaahaan chao
I want, I would like ...khor ...
drinking waternaam due:m, naam bplao
ice cubesnaam khaeng
One ... beer please!kho bia ... nueng kuat (khrab/kha)
One more beer please!kho bia eek nueng kuat
red wine, white winewai: daeng, wai: khao
coffeekafae ro:n
ice coffeekafae yen
tea (hot tea)chaa ro:n
sugarnaam dtaan
orange juice, pineapple juicenaam som, naam sapparot
menurai-kaan aahaan, menoo
Can I see the menu please?kho doo menoo noy khrab/kha
rice (normal)khao (suai)
fried ricekhao pad
rice soupkhao dtom
rice noodleskuay dtiao
egg noodlesbaamee
French fries, chipsfaen fai
potatoesman farang (speak "mun falang")
breadkhanom bpang
jam, marmeladeyaem
beefnuea, nuea wua
prawn, shrimpgoong
squidbplaa muek
fried eggkhai dao
pepperprik tai
toothpickmai jim fan
not spicy (please)(khor) mai phet
delicious, goodaroi (dee)
Check the bill!check bin, geb dtang duai (khrab/kha)

Health-Related Phrases

Health-Related PhrasesThai Translation
Help!chuai duai
painbpuat, jeb (temporary)
sick, illbpuai, mai sabai
to have a coldbpen wat
to have a feverbpen khai
stomach achebpuat to:ng
headachebpuat hua
toothachebpuat fan (speak "fun")
sore throatjeb khor
pharmacyraan khai yaa
hospitalro:hng payabaan
to see a doctorbpai haa mor
dentistmor fan (speak "fun")
medicine, drugsyaa
tablets, pillsyaa me:t
to take medicinegin yaa
injectioncheet yaa
health insurancebprakan

Basic Thai Vocabulary A – Z

Our popular A-Z dictionary currently has over 750 entries. Please use the table functions to search, for example, for a particular word or letter, and make the most of it.

about, approximatelybpramaan
address (noun)tee yoo
to be afraid (of), scaredglua
afternoondtorn bai
againeek (laew), eek khrang
What is your age?
How old are you?
(khun) aa-yoo taorai
... ago, before... tee laew, korn, tee paan maa
to agreehen duai
air-conditionedmee air
aircon roomho:ng air
airportsanaam bin
(to drink) alcohol(gin) lao
a little (bit)nid noi
alonekhon diao
alright, okayriab roi
always, all the timesamoe:, dtalort wee-laa (speak "waylaa")
anal intercourse, (to have) anal sexlen dtoot
andlae, gab
angrygro:ht, mo:h ho:h (long round "o" sound)
animalsat (as in "Saturday")
to answerdtorb
to arrive(maa) tueng
ash treytee khia boori (speak "bully")
to asktaam
auntbpaa, naa
back painbpuat lang
bad, evilleo (speak "layo"), mai dee, (jai) rai, jai dam, yae
bag, baggage, luggage; handbaggra-bpao, gra-bpau tue:h
bank (financial)tana-khaan
bank accountbanchee ("bunchee")
bathroom, toiletho:ng naam, sookhaa
to bebpen, e.g.
I am a man = pom bpen poo chai
to be (stay)yoo, e.g.
I am (stay) at home = pom yoo baan
beachhaad (sai)
beautiful, prettysuai, suai ngaam
because, as, forpro-waa
beddtiang (no:n)
bedroomho:ng no:n
to belive (s.o.,
bestdee tee soot
betterdee kwaa
(to ride) bicycle(khee) jakkra-yaan
big, largeyai
black(see) dam
(light) bluesee faa
(dark) bluesee naam ngoen
boat, shipruea
bodydtua, raang gai
book (noun)nang sue:
to be bored (of)buea
boringnaa buea
bosom, breast, titsnom
bottom, ass(hole)gon, dtoot
braceletgamlai khor mue:
breadkhanom bpang
breakfastaahaan chao
bright, lightsawaang
broken, out of ordersia (laew)
brother (older)pee chai
brother (younger)no:ng chai
brown(see) naam dtaan
bus, coachrot but, rot me: ("may"), rot bpra-jam taang
bus stationsataanee rot khon song
(to do) business(tam) toorakit
businessmannak toorakit
busyyoong, mee too-ra, mai waang
but, howeverdtae
to buysue:
to call s.o.riak
to call (phone) haa
to call (phone) backto:h glab
cameraklo:ng tai roop
can, to be able to, capable ofbpen. e.g.
I can speak Thai = pom pood paa-saa tai bpen
can, to be able todai, saamaat
cannot, impossiblemai dai
cancermaraeng ("malaeng")
capitalmueang luang
carrot (yon)
car parktee jo:t rot
careful, attention!rawang
to changebplian
to (ex)change moneylae:k ngoen
cheap, inexpensivetoo:k, mai paeng
cheapertoo:k gwaa
cheat, untruthfulkhee go:hng
children, babylook, dek (plural "dek dek")
cigarette(s)boori (speak "bully")
cinema, movie theatrero:hng nang
city, townmueang
climate, weatheraa-gaat
clock, watchnaaligaa
to close, closedbpid
clothessuea paa
cockroachmalaeng saab
coconut(loo:k) ma-prao
cold, coolyen
(to feel) coldnao
(to be) cool, calm; keep cool!jai yen; jai yen yen
to comemaa
to come backglab maa
to come frommaa jaak
to come homeglab baan
company (business)borisat
to cooktam gab khao
cook (noun)mae/por khrua (female/male)
correct, righttoo:k
cousinloo:k pee loo:k no:ng
to cryro:ng hai
to danceden
daughterloo:k sao
daywan (speak "one")
daily, per daywan la, dtor wan
every daytook wan
day off, holidaywan yoot
deathkwaam dtai:
(to have) debtsbpen nee
to decidedtat sin jai
dentistmor fan (speak "fun")
diamond (ring)(wae:n) pe:t
to diedtai:
dildokho:ng tiam, dindo:h
differencekwaang dtae:k dtaang
different, different from ...mai muean gan, (dtae:k) dtaang jaak ...
difficult, hardyaak, lambaak
to disagreemai hen duai
disappointedpid wang
to do, to maketam
do not ...yaa ...
dream (noun)fan (speak "fun")
to dream (about, of)fan (tueng)
to drinkdue:m, gin
to drink (alcohol)gin lao
drink, beveragekhrueang due:m
to drive (car, motorcycle)khab (rot, mor-dter-sai)
driving licensebai a-noo-yaat khab khee
drugs, narcoticsyaa sep-dtit
drunk, pissedmao, mao mao (adv.)
earlyreo, reo reo, dtorn hua kham, chao
to earn, make moneyhaa ngoen
earringdtaang hoo, dtum hoo
easyngai, ngai ngai (adv.)
to eatgin, gin khao
egoistichen kae dtua
to elect, to votelueak dtang
election, votegaan lueak dtang
electricityfai faa
embassysataan toot
to enterkhao
entrancetaang khao
(to have an) erectionmee aarom, ham khaeng (coll.)
eveningdtorn yen
every, each, all ...took ...
everybodytook khon
everythingtook sing took yaang
everywheretook tee
to exercise, to work outork gamlang gai
exittaang ork
expensive, dearpaeng
too expensivepaeng gern bpai
to explaina-ti-bai
factoryro:hng ngaan
to fall (down)dtok
familykhro:b khrua
famousmee chue: siang
fanpat lom
fast, quickreo, reo reo (adv.)
(to be) fatuan
to feelroo-suek
(a) fewnoi
fewer than, less than ...noi gwaa
fewest ...noi tee soot
to fightsoo:
fingerniu mue:
firefai (mai)
fishingjab bplaa
fly (insect)malaeng wan
to flybin, nang khrueang bin ("sit airplane")
flood, floodednaam tuam
flowerdork mai
foot, feettao
football, soccerfoot-born
forhai, puea
foreigner, Westerner/Caucasianchao dtaang chaat, farang (speak "fallang")
for free, free of chargefee
to forgetlue:m
fridge, refrigeratordtoo yen
to fuck, have sexyet, uep, tap, au gan (coll., vulgar)
full (with food, not hungry)im (laew)
fun, amusement, enjoyablesanook
to getdai, dai rab
to givehai
glasses, eyeglasseswae:n dtaa
to go (to)bpai (no preposition required)
to go homeglap baan
to go out, go on a tripbpai tiao
good (at something), skilled, clevergaeng
good heart, kind, kind-heartedjai dee
green(see) khiao
to feel guilty, to be guiltyroo-suek pid, mee kwaam pid
(to get a) haircutdtat pom
to happengerd khuen
happydee jai, mee kwaam sook
hard, difficultyaak, lambaak
hard (not soft)khaeng
hat, crash helmetmuak
to hategliat
to havemee
headhua, see-sa
headachebpuat hua
healthysookapaap dee
to heardai yin
hearthua jai
heavy (weight)nak
to helpchuai, chuai luea
Help (me)!chuai duai
heretee nee, dtrong nee
his, herkhong khao
to hopewang
hope (noun)kwaam wang
(to be) hornymee aarom, ngian, bpliak ("wet")
hospitalro:ng payabaan
hot, warmro:n
hot-tempered, quick-temperedjai ro:n ("hot heart")
hotelro:hng raem
hourchua mo:hng
house, homebaan
howyaang rai, bae:b nai
how long? (time)naan taorai
how many ...?gee, maak taorai
how much?(raa-khaa) taorai, maak taorai
to hug, embracegord
hungryhiu (khao)
husbandsaamee, pua
ice, ice cubesnaam khaeng
if, in casetaa
importantsamkan ("some cun")
impossiblebpen bpai mai dai
in (e.g. one year)eek (nueng bpee)
in, insidenai, khaang nai
in, attee
intelligent, cleverchalaat
(to be) interested (in)son jai (nai)
interestingnaa son jai
islandgko (very short "o" sound)
jeansgaang gaeng yeen
jokerueang dta-lok, jo:hk
keygoon jae:
room key, house keygoon jae: ho:ng, goon jae: baan
to kill, to murderkhaa
to kissjoob
to know, to know (s.o.)roo, roo jak ...
ladyboy, transvestite, she-malekatoey
language (English, Thai)paa-saa (ang-krit, tai)
last (as in "last month")... tee laew, ... gawn
latesai, duek ("late at nighT")
to laughhua ro (short "o" sound)
laundry shopraan sak reed
lawyernak got-mai
lazykhee giat
to learnrian
left-hand sidedaan sai: mue:
Turn left!liao sai:
to lend (money)hai yue:m (ngoen)
letterjot mai
to licklia
to (speak a) liego hok
to live, to be alivemee chewit (yoo)
light (not heavy)bao
lighterfai check
to likechorb
to listen (to)fang
to listen to musicfang ple:ng
little, smalllek, noi
to live in, to stay at(pak) yoo (tee)
to lock (a door)lok (bpra-dtoo)
long (material)yao
long (time)naan
to look(mo:ng) hen, mo:ng, doo
to look for, search, seek (s.o.,
to lose ( hai
to lose (e.g. a game)pae:
loud, noisy(siang) dang
to loverak
love (noun)kwaam rak
I love youpom/chan rak khun (male/female)
Do you love me?khun rak pom/chan mai
manpoo chai
managerpoo jat gaan
manicure/pedicuredtat lep
many, muchmaak, yoe, lai:
to marrydtaeng ngaan
already marrieddtaeng ngaan laew
(Thai, foot) massagenuad (tai, tao)
traditional massagenuad paen boran
to masturbate, wankchuck-wao (coll.)
maybe, perhapsbaang tee, aat-ja
to meet (s.o.)pob, joer
menstruation, to menstruatebpra-jam duean, bpen men
(to send a) text message(faak) khor kwaam
midnighttiang khue:n
military, soldiertahaan
mirror, glass (material)gra-jok
to miss (s.o.)kid tueng
I miss youpom/chan kid tueng khun
mistake, faultkwaam pid
to make a mistake, do wrongtam pid
to misunderstandkhao jai pid
mobile phone, cell phonemue: tue:h, mobai:
to borrow moneyyue:m ngoen
to have no moneymai mee ngoen
to owe money, have debtsbpen nee
to send/transfer moneysong/faak ngoen
monthlytook duean, duean la
more ... than... maak gwaa
most ...... suan yai
morningdtorn chao
Good morningsawat-dee dtorn chao
mountain, hillpoo khao
(to watch a) movie(doo) nang
must, have todto:ng
my, minekho:ng pom/chan (male/female)
What's your name?khun chue: arai
surname/family namenaam sakoon
necessaryjam bpen
neck, throatkhor
necklacesoi: khor
neighbourpuean baan
neighbourhoodtaew baan
nevermai koey (loey), e.g.
I never drink beer = pom mai koey gin bia
newspapernang-sue pim
next (as in "next month")... naa
in the nightdtorn glaang khue:n
tonightkhue:n nee
nipple(s)hua nom
nomai, mai chai, bplao
not at allmai ... loey
nothingmai mee arai
not yetyang (mai)
now, at the momentdtorn nee, diao nee, khana nee
oftenboi, boi boi
not oftenmai boi
old (material)gao
old (person)gae:
once, twicenueng khrang (khrang diao), so:ng khrang
onlytaonan, kae, yaang diao
to open, openbpoe:d
oppositedtrong gan khaam
(to perform) oral sextam o:ran, chai bpaak, o:m nok khao (coll.)
orange juicenaam som
ordinary, normal, usualtamma-daa
other... ue:n
papaya saladsom-dtam
parentspor mae:
passportnang-sue: dtoe:n taang
to payjai
to pee, pisschee, yiao (vulgar)
penis, cock, dickkhuai, ham (speak "hum") [coll., vulgar]
testicles, balls(khai) ham
perfumenaam horm
petrol, gasolinenaam man (rot)
to fill petrol, gasolinedtoe:m naam man (rot)
petrol stationbam naam man ("bum naam mun")
photograph, pictureroop paap, roop tai:
to photograph, take a picturetai: roop
to pick (s.o.) uprab
pineapple juicenaam sapparot
planekhrueang bin
to playlen
play cardslen pai
pleasegaroona, bpro:hd
police, policemandtam-ruat
police stationsataa-nee dtam-ruat
polite, impolitesoo-paap, mai soo-paap
politics, politician(s)gaan mueang, nak gaan mueang
populartee niyom
possiblebpen bpai dai
to preferchorb ... maak gwaa
priceraakhaa, khaa
prime ministernayok rattamon-dtree
problem(s), troublebpan-haa
to have a problemmee bpan-haa
"No problem!"mai mee bpan-haa, mai bpen rai
profession, occupationaa-cheep
to promise, promisesan-yaa
to keep a promiserak-saa san-yaa
proudpoom jai
provincejang-wat ("chang-wat")
to pulldueng
to pushplak
quick, fastreo
quicklyreo reo
railway stationsataa-nee rot fai
It is rainingfon dtok
to readaan
really, surejing, jing jing (adv.)
to receivedai rab
red(see) daeng
to rememberjam (daI)
to rentchao
rent (noun)khaa chao
to rest, relaxpak porn
restaurantraan aahaan, ho:ng aahaan
to return, to come backglab (maa)
right, right-hand sidekwaa, daan kwaa mue:
Turn right!liao kwaa
rivermae: naam
to runwing
sadsao jai
salary, monthly incomengoen duean
samemuean gan, diao gan
same as ...muean gab ...
to save moneygeb ngoen
to saybork
(to be) scareddtok jai
schoolro:hng rian
sea, oceantalay
by the searim talay
season (cold, hot, rainy)rue-doo (nao, ro:n, fon)
seattee nang
to see(mo:hng) hen, doo
self (myself, himself etc.)e:ng
to sellkhai, jam-nai
to sendsong
separatelyyae:k gan
to pay separatelyyae:k gan jai
to have sex, fuckyet, tap, uep, ao gan
shirt, blousesuea (chert)
shoe(s)ro:ng tao
shop, storeraan
shortsan, dtia
to show ( doo
to shower, take a showeraab naam
Shut up!hoob bpaak, ngiab, sao wao (Lao dialect)
shy(khee) ai
sick, illbpuai, mai sabai
silkpaa mai
similarglai gan
single (not married)so:hd, yang mai mee fae:n
sister (older)pee sao
sister (younger)no:ng sao
to sitnang
skirt, dressgra-bpro:hng
to sleepno:n (lab)
sleeping roomho:ng no:n
slowly!chaa chaa
smalllek, noi
to smell (good)horm
to smell (bad), to stinkmen
to smileyim
to smoke (cigarettes)soop (boori)
sockstoong tao
soldier, militarytahaan
some ...baang ...
sometimesbaang khrang
sonloo:k chai
(to sing a) songro:ng ple:ng
sorry, pardon, excuse mekhor to:ht khrab/kha
to speak (about)pood (tueng)
special, extraordinarypi-se:t
spidermae:ng moom
to standyue:n
to start, to beginroe:m (dton)
stomach achebpuad to:ng, jeb to:ng
to stop, to have a breakyoot
strange, weirdbplae:k
street, roadtanon, sai
strong (physically)(khae:ng) rae:ng
sound, voice, noisesiang
to suck (, orm
suit, costumechut ("choot")
suitcase, bag, baggage, luggagegra-bpao, gra-bpao dtoe:n taang
sunpra aatit
to suppose, to assumesom-moot
(to be) surenae jai, nae no:n
surprise, to be surprisedbpralaat jai
to swimwai naam, len naam
swimming poolsa wai naam
to take (, ao
to take time, to lastchai weelaa ("waylaa")
to talk, to talk about, to chatkhui (gan), pood tueng, sontanaa
taxi, cab(rot) teksee
to teachsorn
teacherkhroo, aajaan
telephone cardbat to:h-rasap
telephone numberboer to:h-rasap
television(doo) to:h-ratat, tee-wee
to tellbork
Thailandmueang tai, bpra-te:t tai
thatnan ( speak "none")
theretee nan
to think (that)kid (waa), nuek (waa)
thirstyhiu naam
air ticketdtua khrueang bin
bus ticketdtua rot me:
rail ticketdtua rot fai
to tickle, ticklishjakkajee
tight, stingy, "cheap Charlie"khee niao
timeweelaa ("waylaa")
at what time ...?... gee mo:hng
What time is it (now)?(dtorn nee) gee mo:hng
on time, punctuallydtrong weelaa ("waylaa")
time(s) (one time, two times etc.)khrang (nueng khrang, so:ng khrang etc.)
every time, each timetook khrang
tired, sleepynueay, nguang no:n
to be tired of ...buea ...
todaywan nee
togetherduai gan, ruam gan
tomorrowproong nee
too ... (big, small)... gern bpai
tooth, teethfan ("fun")
toothbrushbpraeng see fan
toothpasteyaa see fan
to touch (, s.o.)dtae, jab
touristnak to:ng tiao
towelpaa chet dtua
traffic jamrot dtit
train, railwayrot fai
to translatebplae
transvestite, ladyboykatoey
to travel, to go outdtoe:n taang, bpai tiao
to trypa-ya-yaam, lo:ng
trousersgaang gae:ng
to turn (right/left)liao (kwaa, sai)
uglynaa gliat
umbrellarom (speak "lom")
under, belowdtai
to understandkhao jai
I don't understandpom/chan mai khao jai (male/female)
underpants, panties, knickersgaang gae:ng nai
to undress, to take offtord suea (paa), tord ...
unhappysia jai, sao jai, mai mee kwaam sook
until, till, totueng, jon, jon gratang, jon gwaa, gratang
vagina, pussyyoh-nee (formal), hoy, jim, hee (coll., vulgar)
very, many/muchmaak, maak maak (adv.)
villagemoo baan
visawee-saa (from English "visa")
to visit (s.o.)bpai haa, (bpai) yiam
to waitror
to wake updtue:n no:n
to walk, go for a walkdtoe:n, dtoe:n len
walletgra-bpao ngoen, gra-bpao dtang
to wank, to masturbatechuck-wao (coll.)
to want (to)yaak, dto:ng gaan
to wash (clothes)sak (paa)
to watchdoo
to watch TVdoo to:h-ratat, doo tee-wee
(wrist) watchnaaligaa khor mue:
drinking waternaam due:m, naam bplao
cold waternaam yen
watermelondtaeng mo:h
which way?taang nai
to wear (
weather, climateaa-gaat
weeklyaatit la, took aatit
what?arai na
What is this?nee arai
What's the time?gee mo:hng
when (temporal conjunction)weelaa ("waylaa"), dtorn tee, (muea) dtorn
where?tee nai
Where do you go?(khun) bpai nai
where (are you/do you come) from?(khun maa) jaak nai
Where is ...?... yoo (tee) nai
which, that, who (relative pronoun)tee
which (person)khon nai
which (material)an nai
white(see) khao
who?khrai, khon nai
whose ...?kho:ng khrai
whytammai, pro arai
wifepanrayaa, mia, fae:n
second wife, mistressmia noi
(to be) willingdtem jai
to winchana
windownaa dtaang
(red/white) winewai: (daeng, khao)
withgab, duai
womanpoo ying
to worktam ngaan
to work hardtam ngaan nak
world, earthlo:hk
to writekhian
wrong, mistaken, false, faultypid
to do wrongtam pid
yearly, every yearbpee la, dtor bpee, took bpee
yellow(see) lueang
yeschai, khrab/kha
yesterdaymuea-waan (nee)
young (man, woman); not old, still youngnoom, sao; yang mai gae:, dek yoo
your, yourskho:ng khun (following the noun)

152 Responses to Basic Thai Vocabulary & Useful Phrases

    • Not sure if I read your transliteration correctly but I would say: “Don’t bother me, I’m still busy.”

    • Hello, how can you say in Thai Language. How transportation Im going to take to go to this place? How much is this?

    • “doo” = see/look, “nom” = milk, woman’s breast, “dai” = can. The particle “na” is used to make a request in a soft and persuasive manner. I think someone is suggesting your boobies need some fresh air. Would that make sense in the given context?

        • “mai pen rai” means as much as “you’re welcome”, “never mind”, “no problem” etc. “chai” means “yes”. The particle “ka” at the end of a phrase doesn’t really mean anything but is used by female speakers to indicate a polite level of speech. When used on its own “ka” means as much as “yes”. (The equivalent for male speakers is “krab”.)

    • Struggling a bit with your transliteration but I guess it’s something like “I’m not angry but won’t forget about it.”

    • Mai- no
      Tur thuk tee sood- tee sood is very much/endless
      Yang ne – yang is yet. Eg: mee fæn ler yung? Have girl fren yet? Yang mai mee. Yet to have.
      Chan bok wa- chan is me/i, bok is say. “I said,…” wa is used with continuation. “Chan bok wa, khun suay mak na”

      • Thanks for your input. “tee sood” or “thi sud” signalizes the superlative form of an adjective, like “best” or “biggest”. “tur” is you. I’m not sure about “thuk” and “thong” though; depends on how you would pronounce and write it in Thai?
        “yang ne” … could also be “yaang nee” (translation of which would really depend on the context)?

    • “suay tee sood” = “most beautiful”. suay = beautiful. “tee sood” signalizes the superlative form of an adjective. “ja” doesn’t really mean anything but just makes it sound more “sweet”.

        • It’s “(I) love only you”. rak = to love, khun = you (polite speech level), khon diao = only/alone. The first-person subject (which would be “pom” or “chan” = I) can be omitted when the context is obvious as in face-to-face conversation.

  1. Thank you for all your responses. I would like to know the meaning of all these:
    1. Law tee sood
    2. Kob kuhn mak ja! Kuhn suay nid noi duay
    3. Jai rai mak but still rak na
    4. Narak tee Sood. rak duay

    • If that’s a small dialogue I would translate it as follows:
      1. (You are) most handsome.
      2. Thank you very much. You’re also a little beautiful.
      3. and 4. are a bit messed up but I think this is what you mean:
      3. (You have a) very bad heart … but I still love you.
      4. (You are) most lovely. Love you too.

  2. I just fucked up a conversation with a girl I like. I wanted to ask something else but came up with the wrong way of asking it. Can you please suggest me a Thai song to apologize to her. Please post a YouTube likelike. I don’t know if she will forgive me. But I just want to apologize to her.

    • Did you tell her you like mussels and milk? Lol. Sorry mate, don’t know any Thai song for that occasion. Why don’t you just explain to her (in English I mean) that you’re still learning and your Thai isn’t 100% yet? Thais will be more forgiving and accept silly mistakes if they know you’re still a beginner. Good luck!

  3. you are so awesome! how did you get so good in thai? I find it so difficult to even remember stuff because of the their diffrent letters.

    Can you tell me what this means:
    Suk san wan gur poo bum! Kit tung na ka

    Thank you so much!

    • Thanks Martina. I’ve learned Thai initially through writing love letters in Thai to an ex-GF of mine in the late 90s. I virtually copied the words from the dictionary to my letters. After a while you remember the most frequently used letters automatically 🙂 It was only much later that I visited a school and I must say I didn’t really learn anything new there …
      Re: your question – “kid tueng” means “miss you” (“na ka” is for female speakers and just makes it sound more polite.) It’s a common phrase used at the end of letters and so. “suksan” means “happy”; “wan” is “day”. But I’ve got no clue either what “gur poo bum” should mean. Sure you got that right? “suksan wan goed/gurd”, for example, would be “happy birthday” in Thai.

    • I guess you mean “sa-taa-nee tor bpai” which you may frequently hear on the BTS? It’s “next station” in English. “sa-taa-nee” means station (e.g., sa-taa-nee rot fai = railway station) and “tor bpai” means “next”.

    • Haha, I’m no expert in sexual slang but “ham ton” (or “hum ton”) means something like big dick or big balls, pretty much the same as “ham yai”. I’m not sure about the rest of your sentence though, sorry.

  4. Hey how goes it? So i started talking to a university student… and things have naturally progressed i guess, she appears to be lovely and we are happy. I noticed that i was the subject of talk on an occasion so i translated what had been said but i was unsure of one of the comments as google translated it terribly and i didn’t quite like the translation. This is what was said (เฮ้ยยยยยอัลไรรร ยางๆ) google translates this to (Hoy of an al- profit so hard rubber .) which if you ask me, doesn’t look good. Do you think this is accurate?? thanks for your reply in advance.

    • The first word is “hia”, a popular swearword/insult that literally means “monitor lizard”. You can hear that all the time especially with the younger generation but you better don’t try it yourself. I’m not sure about the rest of your sentence but looks like internet slang to me.

      • Thanks for the reply… out of the context it might seem odd. a friend was making a joke about her being a foreigners wife and this was the reply she gave them. I see, thanks for your time

  5. On the BTS or MRT, one often hears a recorded voice repeat a phrase which translates as “Please mind the gap between train and platform.” Could you please give me the phonetic Thai pronunciation of that phrase? I’ve heard it a million times and still haven’t memorize it.

  6. Can anyone please tell me how the colon in some of the examples above (such as “accident – ubati-he:t”) relates to pronunciation?

    Is it some kind of tone/accent shift, or maybe a very brief pause/stop?

    • Thai to English transliteration is unfortunately not that easy (German with all its umlauts is actually much more suitable to transcribe Thai.) There are some standardized transcription systems but I don’t like either of them very much. Anyway, the colon as I use it is supposed to signalize a long vowel, i.e. “he:t” is to be pronounced more like “hate” rather than “het” (short vowel) but it doesn’t have that ay- or ey-sound as in “hate”. English actually doesn’t have an equivalent letter/sound, making it difficult to transcribe.

  7. Hi, I was just wondering if you could help me out with Bar etiquette. Is there a was to say “Thanks” in a less formal way than Khorb khun khrab. Thanks

    • Not sure but I often shorten it to a half-mumbled “khrab” myself which seems to be acceptable but obviously isn’t correct Thai? 😉

    • “kon” appears to be “khon” which means “people”, “man”, “human being” etc. But we need more context to translate “sow”. It could mean various things including “sad” or “young girl”.

    • From what I understand that means as much as “all men are monitor lizards (hia)”, and that’s a seriously bad insult …

    • “Are you sleeping/can you sleep, darling?” TIRAK means “darling” – that’s essential Thai vocabulary 🙂

  8. “chan rak khoon maak nak mai mee kham waa saa maata thi baai waa chan rak khoon khaae nai” can you help me? what does words mean?

    • Sorry but I’m not sure about the first word so can’t really make any sense of the full sentence. “noo” could be “rat/mouse” or a personal pronoun young Thais, especially females, frequently use to refer to themselves. “nak mak” (or “nak maak”?) could mean “very heavy” but i really can’t say for sure.

  9. Why do Thai people always end a sentence with ‘Na p’ . I know it doesn’t really mean anything but the ‘p’ is for?

    • Not quite sure what “p” you mean”? You mean the “pee” Thais often use when they refer to themselves or others and that means as much as older brother/sister, or simply “I”, “me” or “you”?

  10. What’s the mean of ‘i mi di mi rak you leaw. And ‘i tam pit yek’ ?
    I think this combined with some english in it .

    • Not sure about your transliteration but the first one sounds like “I’m not good, I don’t love you anymore.” Not sure about the second one either but “tam pid” is to do wrong, so it’s somehow about who is right and who’s wrong…

  11. Can you please provide translation for the phrase:

    “Gor-dok Gor-dek”. I understand it’s slang for the oncoming of an erection, but what is the literal translation and are you able to provide the phrase in Thai script please? Thank you.

    • Sorry mate, can’t really translate this literally and can’t type Thai either on the machine I’m using. “Dek” might be “child/children”. But I guess that, as often in Thai slang, it’s all just there rather for the sound than an actual meaning.

      • OK thanks, appreciate your reply. I guess it refers to something sprouting up or growing. As you say it’s probably used for the sound. Will ask around more when I go back, cannot find it on any of the Thai language sites for slang or idioms, but most girls seems to know it, and usually always gets a good reaction. 🙂

      • Literally translated, “nam sai” means “clear water”. But I guess it may also have an idiomatic meaning I’m not familiar with. Sorry.

  12. Can you please tell me what the following meaning thanks

    1. lor ren na
    2.chan ru wa kun me fan leaw
    3.deaw fan kun ma ying pom
    4.chan pud tit talok

    • 2. I know that you’ve already got a boyfriend/girlfriend.
      4. I am joking.
      I’m not sure about 3. but it could be “Now your boyfriend/girlfriend will come and shoot me (male speaker).” Not sure about 1. either.

    • 1. staff, employee(s)
      2./3. “pa-som si” would be “to mix/combine colours”, otherwise I’ve got no idea at the moment. Not sure about “som chay” either. I mean, Somchai is a popular Thai male name (the most popular one actually) but I guess that’s not the correct answer …

    • “Luk ter” = “Love you” 🙂 “na” doesn’t really mean anything but simply reinforces the message.

    • “look saw” = daughter, “ha” could be “to look for” or “five” (not sure)
      “mae pom rak khun” = my mother loves you (no idea what the second “mae” should mean in this context)
      “fan dii na” = sleep well
      “ratree sawad” = good night

  13. May I know how to write ‘thank you, you’re more beautiful’ in Thai? Is it khop khun ka you kor suay gwaa?

    • “Khob khun ka/krab [depends on whether you’re female/male?], khun suay gwaa.” Sorry but I cannot type it in Thai here.

      • I’m female, yup that’s what I wanted to type but not in thai language! Thank you so much for your reply!! Appreciate it, love your page! It taught me a lot more. I’ve been prepping myself to take up for Thai lessons. Thank you 🙂

    • Sorry but I’m really not sure. There’s a restaurant with that name at Jomtien so it could be just a name?

      • Thanks for your response! By jomtien you mean near to Pattaya right? I tried to search online but couldn’t find it. Is it a normal dining restaurant or bar or gogo bar, anything like that? Also, “I want to poo” does this mean anything to you in context with the previous qn i asked?

        Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

        • Nothing to do with “to poo” as in English 🙂 Thinking about it again, I think it’s actually a bar on Jomtien Soi 7, not a restaurant, that I was thinking of.

          • Went to search and found pupay. Not too sure what kind of bar it is though but thanks a lot for your help!

            I’m guessing it might not be the bar as I got the word typed as poopeh, not that i can find anything online ? “we go poopeh” and “but i wanna poo” was thinking if it was anything sexual related

      • That’s actually POMPUI, named after the canned fish in tomato sauce brand you can buy at 7-Eleven. One of the Pattaya slang words words that aren’t even “proper” Thai and never existed until the 1980s, or so a former teacher once told me. (Your interpretation might still have hit the bull’s eye?)

  14. Hello! So I see you are an awesome expert! I am wondering if you have any good way to start studying thai, but the thing is that I am already Thai and can understand the language, but i’m just having troubles with actually doing the talking and writing. Would you have an idea of what I should do? Thank you 🙂

    • So you are a Thai but grew up abroad or so? I would say that in your case only practice helps, i.e. talk as much as you can to other Thais. Reading a lot of Thai might also help you develop your writing skills?

  15. Can u translate please.yahk bpen hai mag wani,yahk bpen khon tite tongka.searching for this song but never found it.khun khrap

    • “chob jai maak” {I guess you mean “jai”, not “chai”) means as much as “to like/be pleased with/amused at something very much.”

  16. Hi can you tell me meaning of below words

    1.mai moho tdae bini pai ti pattaya mai dai.. laeo mai pen rai gep satang dee gwa tirak

    3. tirak moho mai?

    4.moho poy chai mai?

    5.this month poy ja tamghan ye ye

    6. pom kittwa duana pai mai dai..

    7. sung sai

    8. poy ge gep satang mean gan

    9. tdae pom ja mee holiday 10 wan ti gaoli

    10 gab gaoli laeoke

    11. tameungan nuai laeo

    • 1. “not angry but this year I cannot go to Pattaya anymore.”
      2. “no problem, better save the money, darling.”
      3. “Is darling angry?” = “Are you angry?”
      4. “You’re angry at Poy (guess that’s a name), aren’t you?”
      5. “This month Poy will work a lot.”
      6. “I think next month I cannot go.”
      8. “Poy is also saving money.”
      9. “but I will have a 10-day holiday in Korea.”
      10. “return to Korea …” (not sure about “laeoke”?)
      11. “tired from working”
      I’m not sure about 7. “sung sai” though.

    • “Chan rak khun” is “I love you”. “Men reu” I think is Lao dialect and means as much as “chai mai” in Thai = “isn’t it? don’t you?” etc. Literally translated it means “yes, or?”

      • I figured su jot/sud jhot is along the line of marvelous or wonderful… but have no idea why phud phud/phut phut was added behind… Thanks anyway!

    • “pompui” means “chubby”. “rak moo aun/orn” literally means as much as “I love soft pork” but I’d rather guess “moo aun” is a name?

  17. Khun puying pud chan krab. ..

    The first sentence i type is a word language of thai but i don’t understand it. Pls translate it to English thank you and good day:)

    • = Women say “chan”.
      On a polite level of speech, men say “pom” for “I, me” etc. while women use the word “chan”. The sentence is uttered by a male speaker, hence the polite yet meaningless “krab” at the end of the sentence.

  18. Hi I’ve caught my husband messaging a thai slut and she keeps messaging him saying rak moo aun what does it mean he messaged her back saying Pom pui

    • “jeb” means as much as “hurt” or “pain”. I guess you mean either “jeb maak maak” (big pain, hurts very much) or “jeb maak mai?” (does it hurt very much?)

    • On its own it means as much as “yes”. In polite speech it may also be added at the end of a phrase or sentence but has no particular meaning then. Please note that only male speakers say “khrab”, female speakers say “kha”.

  19. Can you tell ma what kha means at the end of a phrase? I think it means my love idk. and the phrase ” Khun Plak waan na kha” ? thanks I got “night push sweet face” from your

  20. Hi,
    Could yo help me say farmed fish, saltwater or freshwater fish? I get into trouble when I try to order fish and ask if it was farmed or from the sea.


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