Thai Women Arrested for Drugging, Robbing Farangs

10700556_744209302280897_6992002437460409790_oPolice have arrested two 40-year-old Thai women at their rented room in Jomtien Tuesday morning. They are accused of drugging and robbing an unknown number of foreign men in Pattaya over the last couple of months.
The two sex workers would reportedly pick up “customers” on the street, lace their drinks with sleeping tablets and rob them during their sleep. An unspecified amount of Thai and foreign currency, mobile phones and “electronic items”, were seized in the women’s apartment.
Pattaya One reports: “The arrests were prompted by a complaint from three Frenchmen who reportedly met the suspects on the beach and took them back to their rooms where the men were given beer laced with sleeping tablets. While they were asleep the suspects stole items of value and left before the men regained consciousness.”
While the two suspects claimed “this was the first time” they had drugged and robbed foreign men, police think they can connect them to at least “three other similar cases” in the last few months. Khaosod English adds that the women have allegedly “stolen more than 140,000 baht in at least four incidents in Pattaya over the past two months”.
The two women, reportedly sisters from Mae Sot, have been charged with theft. Police are urging other victims of the women who believe they recognize the suspects to report to the police station as soon as possible.

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