Thai Motorcycle Taxi Fares to be Standardized Nationwide?

Thai motorbike taxi fares to be standardized?The Thai government has announced on Friday that fares for motorcycle taxis across the country would be standardized before the end of the year.
According to the acting deputy transport minister, the new and substantially lower motorcycle taxi fares would “become effective 60 days after [they have been] officially announced in the Royal Gazette or before the year ends.”
Belive it or not?
Thai PBS report (verbatim):

Under the announcement by the Ministry of Transport, fares for the first 2 kilometre distance cannot exceed 25 Baht, and any distance between 2 – 5 kilometres thereafter, 5 Baht fare will be charged for every kilometre distance.

Fares of 10 Baht per kilometre are specified for distances of 5 – 15 km following that.

Any distances exceeding 15 kilometres will be dependent on the negotiated price but must not exceed 150 Baht.

Quick calculation: This would be like 40 Baht for five kilometres, or 90 Baht or so for a driving distance of 10 kilometres?
Needless to say that these new lowered fares would obviously be well below the negotiable rates usually quoted by motorcycle taxi drivers not only in Pattaya but probably most parts of Thailand. So let’s face it, it is actually very unlikely that these new fares will be put into practice anytime before or after the end of the year. We really assume that this piece of legislation will never make it into the Royal Gazette.

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