Thai Girl Nabbed for Snatching Indian Tourist’s Gold Necklace

Pattaya Beach Road promenade after dark

A 24-year-old Thai girl was arrested on Pattaya Beach Road Monday night for snatching a gold necklace from an Indian national a day earlier.
The 35-year-old tourist, named as Mr. Lahas Lagen, and an Indian friend had reportedly been strolling along the Pattaya beach promenade opposite the Best Friends bar complex Sunday night when the 24-year-old suspect and two other Thai women chatted the tourists up.
While the other women allegedly held Mr Lagen’s arms the suspect is accused of snatching his gold chain from around his neck and running off into the night. But you always meet twice, don’t you?

The following night, Pattaya One reports, the two Indian tourists were walking down Pattaya Beach Road again when they luckily spotted the suspect again in the very same location on the beach promenade. They immediately called the police who fortunately found that the woman was still in possession of Mr Lagen’s gold chain she had robbed the previous night.
Let’s just hope that in the future he won’t wear it again after dark.

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