Thai Girl Jumps from Hotel After Farang BF Cheats on Her

Thai Girl Jumps from Hotel After Farang BF Cheats on Her

So you think only heartbroken Farangs attempt suicide (or succeed in their mission) by jumping from condo or hotel balconies after their Thai GFs have dumped them and run off with another guy? You are wrong.
Thai (bar) girls that have been cheated on by their foreign boyfriends are just as suicidal as lovelorn Farangs and just as quick to slit their wrists with a random kitchen knife or jump from a window or balcony, especially when they’re in drunk. Perhaps though they’re just not as successful as the following story shows.

At around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, police and rescue workers were called to the three-star Tweet Tweet Nest Hotel on Soi 8 in Central Pattaya after a 29-year-old Thai woman whose boyfriend had gone off with another lady had jumped from a third-floor room, only to land and get stuck on the second-floor mezzanine.
As you would expect, the injured young lady was “crying in pain” and sent to Banglamung Hospital after she was patched up by rescue workers at the scene. It also quickly emerged that the unnamed Phetchabun native was seriously drunk at the time of the jump and could give a statement only in a drunken slur.
And guess what, the reason she gave the police for putting her young life on the line boiled down to a rather trivial occurrence: Her foreign tourist boyfriend (nationality and other details unknown but we guess he must be just as wealthy as he’s handsome) had dumped her for the night and gone off with another lady.

Well, we guess by the time she’s sobered up in hospital she’ll be happy to have survived her jump and agree that perhaps suicide (as the song goes) may be painless, but not failed suicide attempts in a state of intoxication.

Thai Girl Jumps from Soi 8 Hotel

Source: Khaosod, Pattaya One

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