Swiss Tourist Chokes to Death on Noodle Soup in Jomtien

Jomtien Soi Sarita

A 58-year-old Swiss tourist reportedly choked to death on a noodle soup in Jomtien Tuesday afternoon. The fact that the victim had false teeth and also suffered from acute Asthma may have contributed to his tragic death.
Mr. Ernst Albert Meier, from Bülach in the canton of Zürich, and his 32-year-old Thai girlfriend, who both reside in Switzerland, had reportedly gone on a holiday to Thailand less than a month ago. The fatal accident happened Tuesday afternoon when the couple went for a noodle soup dish at their favourite Thai eatery – the Sabai Guest House on Soi Sarita off Jomtien Beach Road.
While the foreigner was enjoying his noodle soup, or so it seemed, something obviously got stuck in his throat, causing him to suddenly collapse. As he was “clearly struggling to breathe,” Pattaya One report, his girlfriend

did her best to clear the noodles from his mouth and his false teeth, which were causing a further obstruction (…)

Police and rescue workers soon arrived at the noodle soup kitchen but were unable to save the Swiss man’s life. While it’s most likely that the tourist choked to death on a chicken or other bone in the soup, a postmortem will be performed on his body to establish the real cause of death.

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