Swiss Expat Drowns in Communal Swimming Pool in Pattaya

In some kind of bizarre freak accident, a Swiss national reportedly drowned whilst cleaning a communal swimming pool in a small housing estate in Pattaya.
The 58-year-old expat, identified as Mr Peter Heinz Ballmann, was pronounced dead at the scene at around 3 p.m. on Sunday and left the victim’s Thai wife “devastated.”

According to Pattaya One, Mr Ballmann had earlier ventured out of the couple’s house to clean the communal pool as he did most days of the week.

The next [his wife] heard was a friend of hers screaming for help. She said that her husband was drowning and [needed] urgent assistance.
Unfortunately, nobody at the scene was able to do anything to help, and by the time the emergency services had arrived, the victim had already passed away.

There were no eye witnesses to the incident and police are still in the dark as to what actually caused the victim to drown in the first place.

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