Swede Detained After Thai GF Falls to Death From Pattaya Condo

Deaf-Mute Thai Girl Plunges to Death From Pattaya Condo

A 24-year-old deaf-mute Thai girl fell to her death from an 8th-floor condominium in the Pratamnak area of South Pattaya on Wednesday. At the time of the young woman’s tragic fall in broad daylight she was reportedly arguing with her Farang boyfriend who alleged she had “slipped on some water” and fallen to her death by accident.
Miraculously she survived the fall but succumbed to her injuries in hospital hours later.

As investigations into whether the young woman’s death was an accident, suicide or murder continue, police have detained the victim’s Swedish boyfriend who they suspect may have pushed his girlfriend over the railing, either by chance or deliberately.
According to latest reports, he has been charged with “fatal recklessness” as there is “no solid evidence he pushed her.”

An eyewitness quoted by TNews told police she had initially only seen pillows and bedding fall from the 8th-floor balcony. Only when she ran out onto the car park she found the 24-year-old deaf-mute woman lying in a pool of blood surrounded by the bedding. She had obviously suffered severe fractures but was still alive and breathing.
The Kamphaeng Phet native was quickly rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead only hours later.

When police arrived on the scene they found the victim’s 34-year-old Swedish boyfriend, named as Marcus Sten Tapio Karhapaa, sobbing and kneeling by the side of his severely injured girlfriend.
He told police had been staying with the deaf-mute young woman for approx. four years. They had earlier during the day had a heated argument which allegedly escalated to a point where the young woman

went onto the balcony threatening to jump. In a struggle […] she slipped on some water and fell.

The couple had reportedly been “fighting about him having another woman.”

As it appears, police remain suspicious and don’t buy into the Swede’s version of events and have taken him into custody pending further investigations. According to latest reports, he has been charged with “fatal recklessness” as there is “no solid evidence he pushed her.” The crime carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
The fact that the victim was deaf-mute and police were unable to interview the woman prior to her tragic death will certainly be a massive obstacle in the ongoing investigation.

Source and image credit: TNews via Thaivisa.com, Khaosod English

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