Suspected Meteor Explosion Over Bangkok

Fireball over Bangkok 7 September 2015A large, bright fireball was seen streaking across the sky over Bangkok and exploding in the atmosphere at about 8.40 a.m. on Monday morning, leaving a trail of smoke in the blue morning skies.
The phenomenon, believed to be a meteor explosion, was also seen in other provinces of central and northeastern Thailand and prompted wild social media rumours among Thai netizens. A compilation of clips of the unusual sighting posted on YouTube and other social media has been embedded below.
While some suspected the fireball was a meteor, space junk or a burning balloon, others erroneously reported the downing of an aircraft or wouldn’t even rule out a UFO explosion. Most however agreed it was some kind of “bad omen” for Thai politics.
“It was almost certainly a good-sized rock burning up in our atmosphere,” Phil Plait, a former member of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Team told dpa.
“It only took 2 seconds or so for it to go from being visible to it flaring as it disintegrated. It may have had a steep angle of entry.” He added that “events like this happen quite often, several times a year.”
An academic at the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand also insisted the fireball was likely a small meteor explosion:

People should not worry because they are no larger than 10 metres and most of them entirely burn up in the atmosphere.

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