Showy Chinese Tourist Has 100k Baht Gold Necklace Snatched

Ninja BBQ on Pattaya Third Road

There’s obviously no shortage of new-rich Chinese tourists in Pattaya that like to show off their wealth by night and make easy prey for motorbike grab-and snatch thieves. This time a 43-year-old Chinese shipyard owner from Shanghai fell victim basically to his own carelessness and had a necklace worth an alleged 100,000 Baht snatched from around his neck as he was walking along Pattaya Third Road in North Pattaya with other members of his tour group Tuesday night.

Mr Sue Kwo Wei and the rest of the Chinese tour group were reportedly on their way to a late-night dinner with their 25-year-old Thai tour guide when a motorbike pulled up alongside Mr Wei and the driver snatched the gold necklace straight from around the tourist’s neck.
According to Pattaya One News, the robbery took place just after midnight in front of the Ninja BBQ restaurant at the northern end of Pattaya Third Road.and the culprit (let’s assume he wore a helmet with a tinted visor and the motorbike had no number plate) obviously disappeared into the night.
As usual, all the police can do now is examine CCTV footage in the area. And as usual we’re left wondering why these presumably well-trained tour guides cannot warn their Chinese customers to leave their gold necklaces and other valuable items locked up in their room safes especially after dark?

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