Young Serbian Commits Pattaya’s First Foreign Suicide of 2016

Baan Dusit Pattaya

In what appears to be the first suicide committed by a foreigner in Pattaya this year, a 28-year-old Serbian man obviously died after injecting himself with an unknown substance at a house in East Pattaya.
According to police, the man had been dead for at least 48 hours when his body was discovered at a house in the Huay Yai area late Monday night. The house is reportedly owned by a British national known only as Dave, and it appears the young Serbian man rented the house from “Dave” or was a close friend of his landlord.
There’s one suspicious detail about this case though. Pattaya One reports that police found a “suicide note” near the body which appears to have been written by the victim and was addressed to his landlord/friend.
The note was reportedly

accompanied by 2,400 US dollars which the victim wanted him to have. The letter stated that he wanted to be cremated and did not want anyone else to know about his death.

Police reportedly also found a “set of five syringes and five bottles of an unknown substance”, two of which had been opened and used. Police suspect that the young Serbian injected himself with the liquid, eventually causing his death.
An autopsy and further examination of the suspicious “unknown substance” is reportedly underway now to determine the exact cause of the young foreigner’s death/alleged suicide.

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