Scottish Ex-Soldier Goes Missing in Pattaya, Feared Dead

Scottish ex-soldier missing in Pattaya

Steve Balfour, a 35-year-old Scottish ex-soldier who got divorced from his Thai wife a year ago, reportedly went missing during a recent trip to Pattaya to visit his six-year-old daughter who lives with his ex-wife in Pattaya.
Steve, who served in the Royal Scots until 2010 and currently works as a bodyguard for a security firm in Iraq, was last seen on May 14. His family in Scotland fear he was killed and suspect that his ex-wife, a Thai woman named as Nan Kidaw, is somehow connected to the alleged murder.
Shortly before his disappearance over a month ago, Steve was reportedly also knocked out by an unidentified “large American” in an unnamed bar in Pattaya, which a friend believes could be linked to Steve’s disappearance.
Although the case was reported to the British Embassy in Bangkok and the Thai police earlier this month, no progress seems to have been made and the Scotsman remains missing.

The Scottish Daily Record reports today:

THE family of a Scots dad who vanished in Thailand more than a month ago believe he has been murdered.

Ex-soldier Steve Balfour disappeared on one of his regular trips to the country to see his six-year-old daughter Georgina, who lives with her Thai mum in Pattaya.

He has not been seen since May 14, and his passport and belongings were found in his hotel room.

Steve, 35, split from wife Nan Kidaw in a bitter divorce last year.

And a close friend has claimed that he warned during a Facebook chat: “If anything ever happens to me, it’s her that’s done it.”

Full story:

If you know Steve and his whereabouts or have any relevant information pertaining to this possible murder case please contact the British embassy in Bangkok or the Thai police.

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