Safety Upgrade for Pattaya Baht-Buses

Baht-bus taxi on Jomtien beachFollowing countless complaints by passengers who fell victims to pickpockets or had jewelry snatched from their necks as they sat in the back of Pattaya’s Baht-bus taxis, the blue tin monsters are finally receiving a safety upgrade – touted as the “Safe Pattaya Baht Bus Project”.
The Pattaya Mail reports in its current issue that the ambitious project is “aimed at safeguarding tourists and residents from both poor drivers and thieves.”
While one part of the project is reportedly to “train taxi drivers to drive safely”, another, rather unusual measure is to install “safety nets (…) on the now-open sides of the pickup-truck taxis to protect people and their belongings” from necklace snatchers on motorcycles.
More than 200 Baht-bus drivers have so far joined the project and started installing safety nets on the sides of their vehicles’ passenger cabin.

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