Russian Woman Has Bag Snatched on Jomtien Beach

jomtien beach promenadeA 24-year-old female Russian tourist became Pattaya’s latest bag snatch victim as she was “sitting and drinking beer” on Jomtien beach at around 3 a.m. Friday morning.
Fortunately for the victim, the 21-year-old bag snatcher was apparently no professional and not equipped with the requisite getaway vehicle; so instead of speeding off into the night on his own scooter he took a motorcycle taxi from near the crime scene and was arrested shortly afterwards – thanks to assistance from the taxi driver who obviously helped police locate the culprit.

Pattaya One reports that

the suspect came up behind [the young Russian woman] as she walked along Jomtien beach opposite the entrance to Soi 2. He snatched her shoulder bag, which contained an IPhone 4S and other less valuable personal items.

Khaosod English, on the other hand, reports that the woman had been “sitting and drinking beer” on the Jomtien beach promenade when the suspect “approached the tourist, pretended to make a toast with her, and snatched her bag after she let her guard down.”
In any case, he then ran up Soi 1 and hired a motorcycle taxi to Soi Khao Talo where he was caught only “minutes later” still carrying the Russian woman’s mobile phone and stolen cash on him.

No, it wasn’t smart either to pick a victim within walking distance from the next police box …

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