Russian Tourist Hit, Killed by Foreigner Riding Ducati Superbike

We’re certain it’s not completely new to you that pedestrians aren’t always safe on the streets of Pattaya. So the following story may just serve as an extreme reminder that you should always keep an eye on the traffic before crossing a road in Thailand.
This rule doesn’t apply just during heavy daytime traffic but especially late in the night when the streets may be mostly deserted but motorists may be drunk and speeding just for that very reason.

A 25-year-old Russian identified as Mr. Vadim Volkov was now killed on Pattaya Second Road after he crossed the street without paying attention and presumably in a rush and was hit by another foreigner riding a Ducati superbike at reportedly high speed.
The fatal accident occurred just outside Caesar’s Palace Hotel near Soi 8 at around 3.30 a.m. on Wednesday and also left the foreign crash driver badly injured.

An eyewitness quoted by Pattaya One News reportedly told police that Mr. Volkov had been talking to a group of other Russian tourists when he

suddenly decided to cross the road, but unfortunately didn’t look and was hit by a speeding red Ducati, driven by a foreign tourist.

Mr.Volkov catapulted through the air before being hit by a Baht bus, also travelling at high speed. The Ducati slammed into another parked vehicle and the driver was left lying in the middle of the road.

By the time emergency services arrived Mr. Volkov had already succumbed to his injuries. The surviving foreign crash driver whose identity and nationality remain unknown was also badly injured and rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.
Pattaya One add that police

have yet to question the driver of the Ducati, as he is still in a critical state, and so will wait until he makes a full recovery before making a full investigation.

As it seems, the driver of the Baht bus – who may or may not be at fault, too, and who isn’t further mentioned in the report – fled the scene of the accident quickly.

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