Russian Tourist Crashes Motorcycle As He Chases Necklace Snatchers

Jomtien Beach Road after sunset

A 40-year-old Russian tourist crashed his rented motorcycle in heavy rain just after midnight on Sunday after he had his gold necklace snatched by two drive-by thieves and he gave chase to the two suspects.
Luckily Mr Andrei Ananev and his wife, who was riding pillion, were both only slightly injured after they lost control of their motorbike and crashed into another vehicle.

Mr Andrei told police that he and his wife had been riding along Pattaya-Naklua Road when two Thai males on another motorcycle suddenly caught up with them and one of the men snatched Mr Andrei’s gold necklace from around his neck.
As the thieves sped off into the rainy night the Russian gave chase to the two suspects. Due to heavy rain at the time and slippery road conditions Mr Andrei however lost control of his vehicle and soon crashed into another rider. Fortunately, the Russian couple were both only slightly injured in the accident.
Police efforts to catch the suspects also failed due to the weather conditions and officers will now examine CCTV footage in an attempt to track down the necklace snatchers.

Source: Pattaya One

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