Russian Tourist Caught Stealing Watch From South Pattaya Shop

Russian Tourist Caught Stealing Watch From South Pattaya Shop

There’s no shortage of Russian quality tourists (sic) visiting Pattaya it seems. A 44-year-old Russian holidaymaker named as Mr Grigoli Korolkov was now caught by a shop owner in South Pattaya after the foreigner had stolen a watch from his store, as he claimed, just to “have a look at it.”

Mr Grigoli reportedly entered the shop on Wednesday afternoon “ostensibly to buy a watch.” At first, Pattaya One quote the trader as saying, “everything seemed normal,” or at least he

noticed nothing strange about the customer, but while his attention was distracted for just a second or two he pocketed a Naviforce watch worth 1,200 baht.

He soon realized the Russian had stolen it and went in search of him. He eventually caught up [with] the Russian at the Wat Chaimonkhon intersection in South Pattaya and held onto him before police arrived.

But what’s funny is that Mr Grigoli, despite being caught red-handed with the stolen timepiece, simply

denied theft saying he did not intend to keep the watch that he was in possession off. In fact, all he wanted to do was have a look at it, before returning it to the shop owner.

Oh, only looking, sir? Lol. Needless to say that the Boys in Brown were “quick to dismiss his excuse as nonsense” and arrested the Russian tourist on the spot.

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