Russian Restaurant Owner Stabbed by Jealous Ex-Business Partner


The slump in Russian tourist arrivals has finally hit Pattaya’s struggling restaurant scene, with a female Russian restaurant owner stabbed just after midnight on Sunday by another, apparently jealous Russian restaurateur whose own business has been struggling recently. Significantly, the pair had formerly been business partners.

36-year-old Mrs Sonia Greenburg, owner of the Pizzora S-125 restaurant on Soi Pattaya Park, was found lying in her rented room above a local 7-Eleven store where she had fled after her ex-business partner had stabbed her in the stomach in the street.
While Mrs Sonia was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment, 60-year-old Oleg Martinov, a fellow Russian and owner of the Pecktopah restaurant on the same Soi, was soon arrested for the attack.

A Thai woman who had witnessed the stabbing and works at Mrs Sonia’s restaurant told police that the couple had previously been business partners at the Pecktopah restaurant. After a business conflict Mrs Sonia opened her own restaurant just further down the Soi. Both restaurants catered mostly to Russian tourists in the area.
Since then Mrs Sonia, reportedly a “friendly lady”, has been very busy at her new place and managed to attract many regular customers. On the other side, Mr Oleg’s Pecktopah restaurant has been empty most of the time since Mrs Sonia’s departure from the business.

According to police, Mr Oleg had recently also threatened Mrs Sonia at her restaurant, prompting her to report the matter to Pattaya Police Station. On Sunday, Mr Oleg then put his threats into action stabbed Mrs Sonia in the stomach as she was walking home from work. Luckily, she managed to flee to her room and call the police for help.

Sources/image credit: Manager Online, Pattaya One, Thai Visa

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