Russian Man Found Hanged at Temple on Jomtien Beach

Wat Mai Hat Krathing Thong on Jomtien beachThe body of a homeless Russian man who had been ripped off by his Thai girlfriend and sought shelter at the Wat Mai Hat Krathing Thong temple on Jomtien beach three days ago, was found hanged Saturday morning in a forest behind the temple compound.
The 54-year-old had reportedly been dead for 3-4 hours when his body was discovered with a nylon rope around his neck and hanging from a tree.
The temple is located just off Jomtien Beach Road between Soi Welcome and the Grand Jomtien Palace hotel and Soi Wat Boon.

According to a monk at the temple, the unidentified Russian man had sought permission to stay at the temple earlier this week after his Thai girlfriend had allegedly ripped him off, leaving him homeless and with no money to rent a room or return to his country. His belongings reportedly consisted of “only a set of clothes, a passport and a bank account with a small amount of money.”
During his three-day stay at the temple, the Bangkok Post reports, the Russian “helped sweep the temple’s yard and followed monks to collect alms. Many monks liked him and gave him some money for personal use.”
According to the monk, the Russian man told him he had previously worked in Moscow:

After he had saved 600,000 baht, he flew to Thailand for a holiday in Pattaya, where he met a [Thai woman from Buriram province]. Their relationship had grown and they became a couple. He alleged that the woman had deceived him into giving her all of his money and left him. He had only 400 baht left in his bank account.

The monk added that the Russian had also suffered from “acute stomachache so painful he said he wanted to hang himself.”

R.I.P., Mr. Ruski. Rest assured you haven’t been the only one ripped off by a Thai girl in Pattaya, and neither the first nor the last one we guess.

UPDATEPattaya Daily News identify the Russian man as Mr. Sergey Bykov. Prior to his tragic suicide, a monk at the temple is quoted as saying, Mr. Sergey also still chased the illusion he could somehow still make up with his thieving GF and said he “needed to search for his girlfriend so he could talk to her.”
It’s not known exactly how the lady tricked Mr. Sergey out of his money, but we assume she didn’t have to play sophisticated tricks but he simply gave it to her in good faith (gold necklaces and gadgets, cash for a sick relative and school money for her kids; or perhaps she pretended she was going to start some business, or she wanted to build a house where they both could live in the countryside?) and she dumped him when he had nothing left.
Business as usual in Pattaya.

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  1. Shouldn’t the ladies name be available? Perhaps a registry of known scam artists would have prevented this.
    Also, could it be that the poor chap was thinking about legal action to recoup his money then suddenly he was found hanged!

    • I understand that police have learned this background story only from the monk who probably knew no further details? Unfortunately I don’t think either that taking legal action would have helped the man. I understand he wasn’t robbed but somehow “tricked” out of his money or he simply gave it to her for whatever reason and she dumped him when he was broke? This is not to excuse the lady but that’s happened hundreds of times before in Pattaya and he should have known better.

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