Pattaya Police “Satisfied” with New Year Road Safety Stats

Traffic on Pattaya Beach Road

The seven dangerous days of the New Year holiday period haven’t even officially come to an end but road deaths and accidents will be counted until the very last minute of Monday, January 4.
The nationwide stats don’t look promising either, with as many people killed in road crashes after only six days as lives were claimed in total over the full seven-day period last year. Yes, despite an all-out crackdown on traffic violations and drunk driving, the numbers for accidents and fatalities across the country have so far all increased by approx. 13% from last year.
Never mind either that Chonburi province (where Pattaya is located) has so far been the “joint worst province for road accidents” nationwide.
This all doesn’t count much for the local police chief who, according to Pattaya One News, announced sometime Monday afternoon or evening (anyway, that’s before the official end of the “seven dangerous days”) that he was “satisfied” with the local traffic accident stats – and obviously the work of his subordinates.
According to the Pattaya police chief, from Tuesday, December 29, to whenever they stopped counting,

a total of 4,622 arrests for traffic violations were made. 1,064 people were fined for not wearing motorbike safety helmets and 1,127 were fined for not possessing a valid driving license.

Moreover, Pattaya One reports:

94 people were arrested for drunk driving in Pattaya, which compares to 202 in the same period last year. There were two road deaths during the 7-day period and a total [average?] of 10 road accidents per day compared to 24 last year.

No further details have been made available yet regarding the alleged 94 arrests for drunk driving and the length of the detention period for offenders. It hasn’t been revealed yet either whether or not foreigners were also among those detained?
Anyway, Pattaya One notes that the figures quoted by the police chief have “not been independently verified” yet and that the “method [local authorities have used] to collate the figures is not known.”

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