Pattaya Pervy Harasses Shop Owner (Video)

Pattaya pervertPattaya has always been full of idiots and perverts, usually of the more harmless variety. And in spite of all that blah of attracting “quality tourists” etc., some things simply never change. Now an unidentified Arab-looking guy of unknown nationality has joined this club of pervy morons.
Performing some kind of lewd act in public usually carries a moderate fine of 500 Baht in Thailand. But for some reason, this foreign loony was let off the hook by police in Pattaya after he was caught by a Thai woman at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning playing with himself and harassing her through the glass window of her shop at an unnamed location in Pattaya.
The incident happened outside the lady’s beauty salon which had already closed at the time. She told police that the “heavily intoxicated” foreigner first attempted to enter her shop. But with the door already locked, he moved over to the front window and began to touch himself while staring at the woman and licking his lips. She recorded the man’s private pervy show and later uploaded the clip to Facebook.
Police reportedly arrived within minutes and all the freak came up with was a lukewarm “sorry”, even claiming the harassed woman was his wife. As the beauty salon owner who insisted she didn’t know the man stopped short of taking further legal action police eventually let the him off with a warning “not to return.” Here’s the clip:

h/t Stickboy Bangkok, Pattaya One

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