Pattaya Nightlife to Resume As Normal Monday, November 14

Walking Street during the “party ban” on the night of October 23.

The waiting has finally come to an end. After the Thai military government clarified earlier this month that the 30-day “entertainment ban” – announced shortly after the death of King Bhumibol in October – would not get extended after November 14, Pattaya nightlife will soon return to normal.
Entertainment activities like parties and music that were slightly toned down over the last four weeks can now resume as normal from Monday, November 14.
There will be no more restrictions either on entertainment events such as festivals and concerts. TV channels will also be allowed to fully resume their regular programs.

After the death of the much beloved monarch a number of foreign media outlets went as far as to claim that the kingdom’s vital entertainment industry had pretty much gone into hibernation mode. This negative media hype was obviously nonsense and mere scaremongering.
The bad publicity and often unsubstantiated reports certainly did not help the country’s tourism industry either. After all, the de facto impact the 30-day “party ban” had on Thailand’s entertainment industry was very limited and short-lived.
(We’ve published regular updates on the “party situation” on this page and hope we’ve managed to convince as many tourists as possible not to cancel or postpone their holidays in Thailand. After all, the “entertainment ban” was a more serious issue for many foreign tourists than tourism authorities would like to admit.)

In Pattaya, the restrictions imposed on entertainment activities were practically limited to open bars being required to tone down their activities, i.e. no loud/live music and parties for a month. “Quiet” music at a more ear-friendly volume was acceptable though.
But while parties and noisy music blaring from the speakers were off-limits over the last few weeks – and the atmosphere in the days immediately after the monarch’s passing has been somewhat more subdued than usual – you could still have a beer and have fun with the girls as you usually would in a bar in Pattaya. So what?

As for GoGo bars and clubs on Walking Street, the impact has been even less severe. Only three days after King Bhumibol’s death the Interior Ministry clarified that bars and nightclubs could operate as usual “so long as they are behind closed doors.” The recommendation to leave their neon signs off and a temporary 2 a.m. curfew were also soon ignored by authorities.
While loud/live music and dancing remained off-limits in the open outside bars, GoGo bars and clubs on Walking Street have since been operating as usual on the inside.
So unless you’re a lover of ear-piercing music and excessively wild parties in open beer bar complexes the 30-day “entertainment ban” should have hardly affected your holiday experience in Pattaya.

Having said that, things can only get even better next week when the “party ban” officially expires and nightlife in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand should go fully back to normal again.
As it seems, even the lavish new year celebrations at the Bali Hai pier in South Pattaya that earlier appeared to have been canceled will now “go ahead as scheduled” and will only be slightly “adjusted”.
So if you’re up for a fun-filled holiday in Thailand – the party in Pattaya will be on again starting from Monday, November 14 – including the usual party atmosphere that Funtown has become famous for!

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