Pattaya Ladyboy Drugs, Robs German Tourist

Pattaya ladyboy on Walking Street

A 24-year-old ladyboy going by the name of “Top“ was arrested in Sattahip on Wednesday after he/she confessed to drugging and robbing a German tourist earlier this week.
The German ladyboy lover, named as Mr. Gerhard Seidel, had reportedly picked up the transgender streetwalker Sunday night and taken him/her to his room at Jomtien.
Mr Seidel claims he was offered a drink by “Top”, which police believe contained crushed sleeping pills, and soon passed out. When he woke up a couple of hours later he found that valuables worth more than 200,000 Baht, including an Annex wristwatch and two Samsung smartphones, were missing from his room.
Police eventually tracked down the ladyboy in a homeless shelter in Sattahip district just south of Pattaya, where all stolen items were recovered and returned to their rightful owner.
The ladyboy was charged with robbery and drug use after he/she also failed a drug test. The fact that “Top” had a prior record for drug-related crimes apparently also helped police identify and track the suspect down.
“Top” claimed this was the first time he/she had drugged and robbed a foreign tourist, saying he/she had learned the trick from a ladyboy friend who had committed similar crimes before.

Source: Pattaya One, Khaosod English

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