Pattaya Beach Ladyboy Snatches Indian Tourist’s Gold Necklace

Pattaya beach promenade by night

Another day, another gold necklace snatched on the darkly-lit Pattaya beach road promenade, the seaside resort’s #1 hangout for nocturnal freelance hookers of either gender and similarly dodgy creatures of the night, popularly also known as “Coconut Bar.”
Who in his right mind would wear a gold necklace there after dark?
Once again the culprit was a ladyboy (no surprise here) and the victim a newly-rich Indian tourist (not much of a surprise here either) who didn’t even notice the theft at first, highlighting once more how professionally these ladyboy pickpockets ply their trade.

In the wee hours of Friday, the 35-year-old Indian tourist had reportedly been strolling along the Pattaya Beach Road promenade along with a couple of Indian friends when the group was chatted up by a ladyboy hooker who invited the men (we’re just assuming the obvious) to a short-time gang bang in a nearby hotel.
Apparently the men failed to beat down the rate to a sufficiently low group price, so after refusing the tempting offer, Pattaya One reports, the pushy ladyboy hooker

began grabbing and harassing the men. After breaking free they strolled on and thought little of their encounter until one of his friends pointed out that [the Indian man’s] gold necklace, valued at 50,000 Baht, was missing.

So the ladyboy had obviously snatched the necklace without the victim even noticing it.

By the time his friend had pointed out the missing necklace and the group hurried back to the crime scene, the ladyboy suspect had already run off into the night, presumably on his way to the next pawn shop.
As usual in these cases, all the police can do now is examine CCTV footage in the beach promenade area in an attempt to identify and catch the culprit. Good luck!

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