Omani Tourist Robbed by Two Ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road


A 45-year-old Omani tourist was robbed by two ladyboy pickpockets on the Pattaya Beach Road promenade Wednesday night, losing the equivalent of 10,000 Baht in Omani currency.
According to Pattaya One, the Middle Eastern tourist was strolling along the beach promenade with an Omani friend when, just opposite the Royal Garden Plaza mall, the foreigners were “approached by two ladyboys who began touching and harassing them,” distracting the tourists from their real business – nicking the 45-year-old man’s wallet containing the equivalent of 10,000 Baht in Omani rial.
Unfortunately, the Omani tourist only realized that his wallet missing after the ladyboy duo had escaped into the night, leaving the police just with security camera footage of the suspects and the hope that exchange booths will alert them when two ladyboys show up with Omani currency.

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