Old Cheap Charlie Attacked by Bar Girl After Refusing to Pay Bar Bill

An elderly British couple in their Sixties were attacked by a bar girl on Soi 8 last night after they refused to pay their bar bill in full. Why they did so? Because the drinks in the beer bar weren’t quite as cheap as in 7-Eleven or Family Mart and the nutcases felt ripped off or something.
The incident happened at Patsy beer bar on Soi 8 off Pattaya Beach Road and left the 63-year-old husband with a nasty looking black eye and a cut to his forehead.
A video of the attack which shows the bar worker kicking and punching the elderly guy and even smashing her shoe over his head as she’s chasing the group of tourists down the Soi has been uploaded to the Internet and can be viewed here.

After the victims filed a complaint at the police station just around the corner from Soi 8 police made their way to Patsy Bar and interviewed the 43-year-old woman that had attacked the old Cheap Charlie.
Pattaya One quote the Udon Thani native as saying that

a group of foreigners had come drinking in the bar. But after the bill was added up a man refused to pay all of it because the bar was selling at a price higher than a convenience store.

She said she calmly explained to the tourist that this was, in fact, a beer bar and not a convenience store, and the prices were obviously going to be higher, the same as any other country.
The customers still refused to pay full price, and [she] admitted that she lost her temper and proceeded to attack the customers.

Well, what can we say? While violence is obviously never a solution (and the bar girl was rightly charged over her temporary loss of temper) in a way, we can also understand her to some extent.
A bar is not a convenience store and prices will obviously be higher than in 7-Eleven or Family Mart. What is it that some foreigners don’t get in their heads? And did that couple never check the prices of the drinks while they were drinking in the bar and only noticed this wasn’t a 7-Eleven until they paid up well after midnight? Oh my Buddha, just give me a break sometimes.

UPDATE (February 22) – Thaivisa.com have a useful update on this story where the victims get a chance to put the record straight and explain how events unfolded from their perspective.
As it seems, it wasn’t all quite as initially reported based on reports in the Thai-language media but the couple had a genuine reason to question an apparently inflated bar bill.

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