Norwegian Plunges to Death After Party Goes Horribly Wrong

View Talay 3 Condominium

A 40-year-old Norwegian national known only by the name of Mr Frode plunged to his death from a high-rise condominium in South Pattaya’s Pratamnak area Sunday morning after a private party with a Norwegian friend and two bar girls they had picked up in Pattaya the previous night obviously went horribly wrong.
One of the two ladies they had invited to a “private party” at their shared condominium had also suffered serious stab wounds in an apparent altercation with Mr Frode prior to the foreigner falling to his death.
The details of the case remain extremely murky as the two only possible witnesses, Mr Frode’s roommate and the second bar girl, both claim they have no clue how the apparent attempted murder-suicide came about.

Mr Frode’s body was found lying on the car park of the View Talay 3 Condominium B at around 9.30 a.m. after he had apparently plunged from the balcony of the 10th-floor condo where he and his Norwegian friend were staying. Police also found a needle and a syringe in the pockets of the foreigner’s shorts, possibly indicating that the Thai-Norwegian quartet may have had a bit of a private drug party. A bloodied broken knife that appears to have been used to attack the injured bar girl was also found near his body.
Mr Frode’s crying friend and owner of the condominium, identified as Mr Geir Uno Templet, 35, was sitting next to his mate’s dead body, however “unable to explain what had happened” because, as Pattaya One notes, he had gone out to “buy more alcohol” and wasn’t around at the time of the fatal fall. He only found Mr Frode’s dead body lying at the base of the building when he returned a short while later with fresh supply of intoxicants.

As for the injured bar girl in the 10th-floor condominium, the 29-year-old woman from Surin was found with serious stab wounds to her head and neck, “being comforted by her friend,” a 45-year-old colleague at the bar where she’s working. Police also found blood stains and signs of a violent struggle in the room.
Regarding the 45-year-old workmate of the injured lady who you’d think had witnessed first-hand what had happened, she claims she had “gone into the bathroom to get dressed” prior to the violent escalation of the party and “has no idea what happened or why” either. According to her little credible account, all was okay when she left for the bathroom “to get dressed” and when she reemerged from the toilet her friend had already been stabbed and Mr Frode plunged to his death. Yeah sure.
What makes this case even more confusing is that the injured bar girl was not the one Mr Frode had bar-fined the previous night (“his” was the 45-year-old in the bathroom) but the companion of his friend who had gone out to buy more booze.

Pattaya One have the “full” story and some images, however the details remain very sketchy and we can’t really make heads or tails of it. Let’s just hope that forensic scientists carefully examine the fingerprints on the knife and not jump to premature conclusions. Then again, we wouldn’t hold our breath in this case. After all, this is Thailand (T.I.T.) where a Farang is always a handy culprit and suicide a foregone conclusion.

UPDATEPattaya Daily News also have a report on the case that adds only two interesting details, that is 1) that Mr Frode’s lady “claimed that she was sleeping in the bedroom,” not getting dressed in the bathroom, when she heard her younger colleague scream for help in the living room. 2) She also added that Mr Geir “came back to the room at that moment before Frode decided to run to the balcony and jump down.” So they both actually witnessed Mr Frode’s fatal fall? In that case we’d agree the case is solved; Mr Frode, for whatever reason, attacked and stabbed his friend’s lady of the night and then jumped to his untimely death.

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