Thailand No. 1 in Motorbike Accident Deaths Worldwide

Experts at a conference promoting a motorcycle safety campaign have said that Thailand is no. 1 in the world in motorcycle accident deaths, with 5,500 bike riders dying annually on Thailand’s roads. As a result, they have now called on Thai motorcycle manufacturers to use available technology to limit speeds to 90 kilometers per hour. Continue Reading

Swiss Expat Drowns in Communal Swimming Pool in Pattaya

In some kind of bizarre freak accident, a Swiss national reportedly drowned whilst cleaning a communal swimming pool in a small housing estate in Pattaya. The 58-year-old expat, identified as Mr Peter Heinz Ballmann, was pronounced dead at the scene at around 3 p.m. on Sunday and left the victim’s Thai wife “devastated.” Continue Reading

King Rama X Promulgates Thailand’s 20th Constitution

In an ancient royal ceremony broadcast live on national television and not seen in almost 50 years, His Majesty King Rama X on Thursday signed Thailand’s 20th constitution approved in a controversial referendum last August. The endorsement is usually held at the palace and a public ceremony is not obligatory. The promulgation of the new… Continue Reading

More Visa Hassles for Long-Stay Tourists Under 50

Staying in Thailand longer than just a couple of months or maybe half a year has never been easy for “professional” tourists under 50 who neither legally work in Thailand or are married to Thai girl. The problem is there isn’t really an affordable long-term visa option available for foreigners under 50. Since the beginning… Continue Reading

Foreigner Making Video Call Hit, Killed by Russian Motorist

An unidentified young foreign tourist thought be a Russian national was hit and killed by a fellow Russian motorist as he crossed Jomtien Beach Road making a video call on his phone. The fatal accident happened opposite The Now Hotel on Jomtien Beach Road just before 3 a.m. on Sunday. The yet unidentified victim carried… Continue Reading

New Crackdown on “Too Many” Tourist Visa Applications

Staying in Thailand for an extended period of time, or perhaps even living here more or less permanently, has never been easy for Farangs aged under 50 years old who neither legally work in Thailand or are legally married to a Thai citizen. Granted, you could treat yourself to a so-called Thailand “elite card”? Fees… Continue Reading

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