Naked British Ladyboy Lover Falls From Balcony on Soi Buakhao

Naked British Ladyboy Lover Falls From Balcony on Soi Buakhao

A naked British tourist who had spent the night with a ladyboy was severely injured Saturday morning after falling from the balcony of his rented room at the Hideaway Guesthouse just off Soi Buakhao.
The unidentified man in his 40s was found lying naked in the street at around 5 a.m. He had suffered serious head injuries and was quickly rushed to hospital where his injuries were described as non-life threatening and the man has reportedly been recovering well.
Although police have not been able to interview the victim yet it appears that foul play or a suicide attempt can be ruled out at this stage.

According to media reports, the 35-year-old ladyboy and only witness to the bizarre incident had accompanied the victim to his room earlier in the night.
At around 5 a.m. he/she alleges the foreigner went onto the balcony for a cigarette when he somehow “fell” over the railing. The only explanation the ladyboy could offer was that the couple had been drinking heavily and that her foreign lover may have been drunk.

Although the police were unable to formally identify the victim, the ladyboy claimed he was a British national. With no signs of a struggle in the room it appears that foul play can be ruled out at this stage and the fall treated as just another tragic accident.

Source/image credit:, Pattaya One

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