Living Dolls A-GoGo Raided for “Explicit Stage Shows”

Living Dolls A-GoGo on Walking StreetThe popular Living Dolls Showcase A-GoGo in the heart of Pattaya’s Walking Street was raided late on Tuesday night by a special regional police force who “allegedly witnessed sexually explicit shows taking place” at the venue.
While a report will now be sent to the provincial governor and the bar faces a possible suspension of its license, charges have so far only been laid against the 45-year-old mamasan and three girls who were “caught participating in the shows.”

Well, you may think, that’s hardly a surprise in a GoGo bar that outright promotes on its website “sensual and erotic shows” performed by “teams of highly trained show girls”. Even so, what is more surprising is the fact that the raid did actually take place, suggesting that the owners or the management failed to pay their “tea money” regularly enough, or failed to pay the “right” men in the hierarchy (after all, it was a regional, not local police force that staged the late-night raid.)
Pattaya One News have the full story and a couple of pictures of the three naughty show girls but unfortunately no further details either regarding the nature of their “lewd” performance and how “explicit” it really was. Perhaps it went a step or two further than the action in the clip embedded below?

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