Ladyboys on Motorcycle Pickpocket Indian Tourist in Pattaya

Bella Villa Express Hotel Central Pattaya

Two ladyboy pickpockets riding around town on a motorcycle and approaching potential victims at the roadside have struck again in Pattaya – this time targeting an Indian tourist waiting for some friends in front of his hotel.
The latest incident of this kind happened in the wee small hours of Saturday in front of the Bella Express Hotel off Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang). The 25-year-old Indian tourist told police he had been waiting for his friends outside the hotel when two ladyboys pulled up on a motorcycle and chatted him up, presumably with the usual You like boom boom or sucky sucky? stuff.

After a brief conversation at the roadside (apparently the Indian guy didn’t really fancy some ladyboy sausage or they couldn’t agree on a price for a threesome) the ladyboys drove off again into the dark of the night.
It was only then, Pattaya One report, that the Indian guy claimed he “checked his bag [men’s bag?] and noticed that all his money, approximately 1,200 USD, 45,000 Baht and 5,000 Rupees in cash was missing.”
Now that’s a catch of almost 100,000 Baht nicked by the two mobile hookers/thieves in a matter of less than two minutes we guess. If the story as reported is true then the ladyboys apparently both have good noses and truly made an excellent catch.

Now you may obviously cry „insurance scam“ and question that a young Indian holidaymaker actually carried that much cash on him – for some strange reason, in a bag, not in his wallet or trouser pockets. And the skeptics among you may also wonder how such a big stash of cash could be quietly removed from that mysterious bag and without him taking notice. Valid point.
Then again, your webmaster himself recalls a bizarre case of mobile phone theft that happened lightyears ago to a very close friend at a not-further-specified shoreline. With his pants pulled down to his thighs, he had his mobile phone nicked from his trouser pockets as he was receiving a bit of oral attention from a ladyboy in the bushes.
The real grotesque part though was when the next day (he had already bought a new phone) he miraculously recovered his old SIM card – the one that had been in the stolen phone – in his pockets. So obviously the long-fingered ladyboy had subtly opened the phone case and removed the SIM card from the card slot, all while blowing my mate in the dark, then put the SIM card back in his pocket and just made off with the phone.
What we mean – some of these sneaky ladyboy pickpockets aren’t just outright professionals but nothing short of geniuses. You have been warned.

UPDATE – In a possibly related case that occurred less than 24 hours later, PDN report that a 43-year-old Indian tourist had an expensive gold necklace snatched from around his neck after he and six Indian friends had gone for a late-night walk on Pattaya beach and were chatted up by three ladyboys. The victim claims that the necklace was worth 120,000 Baht.
Granted, two wrongs don’t make a right. But it surely needs a certain degree of foolishness to wear a necklace as expensive as this one allegedly was anywhere in Pattaya after dark. Do these guys not read the news?

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