Ladyboys Arrested for Robbing Australian Tourist on Pattaya Beach

Ladyboys Arrested for Robbing Australian Tourist on Pattaya Beach

Tourist police in Pattaya arrested two ladyboys for stealing the wallet of an Australian tourist as he walked along Pattaya Beach Road in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Mr Bruce Lauchie McCown, 34, was reportedly chatted up by the ladyboys and, let’s assume, invited to a session of short-time fun with the two of them just after 5 a.m.
It was apparently when they hugged the tourist as they usually do in crimes like these that one of the creatures slipped her/his hand into the victim’s trouser pocket and nicked his wallet containing 16,000 Baht in cash.

Unfortunately, he only realized he had been robbed after the duo had already fled, luckily though, not far enough to escape the hands of tourist police that the victim had quickly alerted.
While it remains unknown whether the stolen cash was fully recovered or not, the ladyboy thieves, aged 21 and 24, were swiftly arrested a few minutes later as they were still roaming the beach area, possibly looking out for further victims.

The duo should now spend a few months in jail before likely returning to Pattaya beach and continuing doing what they’re best at – harassing and robbing careless foreign tourists.

Source: STV Pattaya via

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