Ladyboy Pickpockets Nabbed by Motorbike Taxi Drivers

Walking Street in South Pattaya

Two ladyboy pickpockets who had just robbed an Iranian tourist on Walking Street were detained in a citizen’s arrest on Pattaya Beach Road early Monday morning.
The arrest of the two repeat offenders who had just been released from prison and claimed they needed money to continue their “gender reassignment” came about thanks to the swift reaction of two motorbike taxi drivers who had caught the two culprits in the act.

The taxi drivers told police they had just dropped off passengers at the entrance to Walking Street when they saw the two transgender suspects chat up and pester a 30-year-old Iranian tourist before leaving on a motorbike.
Suspecting that the tourist had been robbed by the katoeys, Pattaya One reports, the two motorbike taxi drivers “gave chase, catching the thieves further along Beach Road.” The two ladyboys, aged 28 and 30, were still found to be in possession of the cash and other valuables stolen from the Iranian victim.
Police praised the two taxi drivers whose quick reaction and courage to stand up would “help to create a better image for the city.” Credit where credit is due, no doubt. But one can’t help but wonder why the “real” police are seemingly unable to protect the public from ladyboy pickpockets and other petty crooks on the streets of Pattaya more effectively?

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