Ladyboy Pickpocket Nicks Chinese Tourist’s iPhone on Soi 6

Pattaya beach sunset with ladyboy

We’ve only recently warned travellers and expats not to wear gold necklaces after dark in Pattaya or carry more cash than really necessary on them. Snatch-and-grab thefts and (ladyboy) pickpockets are by no means anything new in Pattaya but cases appear to have risen recently.
Having said that, we should have added that you’re also well advised not to carry an expensive smartphone on you either. In fact, many regular visitors to Pattaya who know all the nightt-time safety hazards have a separate cheap mobile phone, for example, an old Nokia or budget smartphone from 7-Eleven, they only use when they’re on a vacation in Thailand or go out in Pattaya by night.
Instead of taking the risk of having their regular, more expensive smartphone stolen, for example, by a random partner for the night, a casual thief in a bar or a “professional” pickpocket on Beach Road or on a Baht bus, they leave their regular smartphone at home or at least locked up in their hotel room. Here’s why.

While chances of having your smartphone nicked are actually relatively low (every Thai’s got a smartphone these days and they’re affordable even for low-income earners) isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re the proud owner of a brand-new high-end Samsung or iPhone model?
The case of a young Chinese tourist who had his iPhone 6 nicked by a ladyboy at the Beach Road end of Soi 6 at 2.30 a.m. on Saturday morning serves as a good example why such seemingly overanxious preventive measures sometimes make sense in Pattaya.
Pattaya One reports that the 24-year-old tourist had been

walking along the footpath alone, when he was suddenly approached by what he thought was a good looking young lady. However, a closer look confirmed that it was, in fact, a lady boy.

Mr. Zhou Ce quickly declined any offers made by the lady boy and started to walk away. About a minute later, he reached for his iPhone from his pocket worth around 20,000 Baht, only to find out it was missing. He ran back to where he had been stopped by the ladyboy, but he was long gone.

Police will now examine security camera footage in an attempt to track down the thief and hopefully return the stolen phone to its rightful owner. As we know, chances for this to happen are very slim so if you want to avoid ending up in a similar situation prevention may be better than belated cure.

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