Ladyboy Pickpocket Nabbed by Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver

Pattaya beach road promenade by night

In the early hours of Thursday, a quick-witted Pattaya motorbike taxi driver stationed outside the Royal Garden Plaza mall on Pattaya Beach Road caught a ladyboy pickpocket red-handed and managed to detain the suspect and hand him over to the police.
Less than two weeks ago, the alert 35-year-old taxi driver along with a colleague had nabbed two other ladyboy pickpockets almost in the same location. Incidentally and deservedly so, he is also a Pattaya police volunteer.

According to a report by Pattaya One, the motorbike taxi driver hero had been waiting for customers outside the Royal Garden Plaza mall when he suddenly spotted a suspiciously acting ladyboy

dancing in the street and hugging passers-by. He then (…) thought he saw something being placed behind the katoey’s back and down his shorts. Alerted by this [he] jumped off his bike and apprehended the suspect (…)

It soon emerged that the 29-year-old ladyboy was carrying 2,260 Baht in cash he had just pickpocketed from an Indian tourist. 25-year-old Mr Singh (that’s the victim’s name) hadn’t even noticed he had just been robbed in a walk-by hugging but confirmed that the money was his.
While the ladyboy was handed over to the police and charged with robbing the Indian tourist, Mr Singh was hopefully given a warning to be more careful with his belongings in the future – especially during unwanted night-time encounters with ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road.

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