Ladyboy Gang Nabbed for Robbing Tourist on Beach Road

Pattaya beach road hookers by night

A four-men ladyboy gang were arrested by a police patrol on Pattaya Beach Road late Saturday night after they had snatched a gold necklace from a Sri Lankan tourist opposite the entrance to Soi 13. All four transgender sex workers were found to be repeat offenders and admitted to many similar crimes against tourists in the past.

Mr Kumar had reportedly been strolling along the Pattaya beach promenade late Saturday evening when he was chatted up and “harassed” by the four-men ladyboy mob. Pattaya One reports that the katoey gang, aged 23, 27 and 32, eventually snatched a gold necklace and a pendant weighing 6.9 grammes from around his neck. (Yep, he should have known better and left it in his room safe or, even better, back home in Sri Lanka.)
Fortunately for the victim, witnesses to the robbery quickly alerted a nearby police patrol who managed to arrest the four ladyboys on the spot. They all conceded they had committed many similar crimes against tourists in the past and funnily tried to justify their wrongdoings by telling police they needed the money not just for gambling (that alone is illegal) but also to “pamper their men.” WTF.

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