Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

A 26-year-old ladyboy was arrested on Walking Street early Wednesday morning for being part of pickpocket team that stole the smartphone of a tourist from Jordania.
The 61-year-old tourist told police that he had been strolling along Walking Street on his way back to his hotel room when the ladyboy and a female accomplice chatted him up and started groping up, proposing the usual naughty kind of late-night fun.
Only when it was too late he noticed that his phone was missing from his trouser pocket and called the police to assist him.

Fortunately, the ladyboy was soon detained and identified by the victim.  What is funny though, Pattaya One report, is that the ladyboy denied being involved in the theft but claimed that the culprit had been his female companion, a woman only identified as “Mai”.
What is funnier even is that the ladyboy then

phoned Mai telling her to bring the phone in to police. Instead, Mai handed the phone into the front desk of a Pattaya Resort in South Pattaya Road and fled.

Police didn’t believe the ladyboy’s story, especially as she had previous convictions for the same offence.

Well, at least the Jordanian tourist has his phone back…

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