Kuwaiti Tourist Has IPhone Snatched in South Pattaya

pattaya-thappraya-soi-15A 24-year-old Kuwaiti tourist reportedly had his IPhone 6 snatched from around his neck in a street robbery in South Pattaya in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Mr. Mabapak Alazmi explained to police through a translator that he and his brother had been riding their rented motorcycle around Pattaya when two young Thai men on another bike, both wearing helmets and visors, pulled in front of them near Thappraya Road Soi 15 and ordered them to pull over.
One of the Thai men then allegedly snatched Mr. Alazmi’s IPhone which was attached to a piece of cord around his neck, before the men quickly fled the scene on their motorcycle. The phone, valued at about 26,000 Baht, was reportedly switched off seconds after the alleged robbery, preventing GPS tracking of the device.
The Kuwaiti brothers told police they had chased the robbers on their motorbike until the pillion passenger allegedly turned around and held up his hand with what appeared to be a gun – at which point they called off the chase and reported the robbery to Pattaya Police Station.
Police will now question eyewitnesses and and check CCTV in the area in an attempt to arrest the two men.

Source: Pattaya One, Pattaya Daily News

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