Kuwaiti Teen Arrested for Stabbing Compatriot in Pattaya

Pattaya appears to attract an ever-increasing number of quality tourists (sic) at an increasingly young age. Now a 18-year-old Kuwaiti national was arrested shortly after stabbing a compatriot, also aged only 18.
The incident happened at a convenience store on Soi VC in South Pattaya just after midnight on Thursday and left the victim seriously injured.

The Bangkok Post reports

police called to the scene found a foreign youth, Mohammed Alruhaili, 18, with two serious knife wounds to his back. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

His alleged attacker, also 18, fled, but was later apprehended at a hotel room nearby. A knife believed used in the stabbing was seized as evidence.

Police said the two Kuwaiti tourists had been drinking together at a hotel and had begun to argue. Another Kuwaiti friend had intervened. The quarrelsome pair then went out to the convenience store near the hotel, where the row erupted again, and escalated into violence.

The attacker used a sharp, pointed knife to stab his compatriot, with their friend again trying to stop them. A security camera in the story captured the incident.

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