Korean Tourist Drugged, Nearly Robbed by Ladyboy Streetwalker

Streetwalkers on Pattaya beach by night

A 30-year-old Korean tourist was lucky to wake up just in time Saturday morning after a ladyboy streetwalker had spiked his drink with crushed sleeping pills and began ransacking his room in search of whatever valuables he may have kept there.
Mr Lee Eunsu regained consciousness just in time to confront the aggressive ladyboy thief and alert hotel staff of the robbery in progress. Security guards at the unnamed Central Pattaya hotel detained the ladyboy until police arrived and arrested the notorious repeat offender.

Mr Lee told police he had taken the ladyboy back to his room where he/she offered him a glass of beer, which had obviously been spiked with crushed sleeping pills. Halfway through his drink, Pattaya Daily News report, the Korean man luckily “found something wrong in the glass of beer so he stopped drinking.” Unfortunately almost a mouthful too late.
Mr Lee fell asleep soon after and regained consciousness only when he “heard the sound of ransacking in his room” and found the ladyboy rummaging through his personal items. Despite the ladyboy “screaming” at him and obviously threatening to attack his unruly victim, the Korean tourist was quick-witted enough to call hotel staff to detain the ladyboy thief and alert police of the robbery in progress.

So all well and good? Not really we think. While no cash or valuable items were stolen and the ladyboy has been arrested and faces prosecution (two months in jail or so), Mr Lee will certainly not be too happy to find his name in an embarrassing news report like this.
So here’s once again our standard advice to all you ladyboy lovers in Pattaya: Do not pick up ladyboy freelance prostitutes from the street but stick to regular bars and nightclubs where the katoeys are correctly employed and registered. There are plenty of them all around Pattaya.
If you really can’t keep your hands off streetwalkers, regardless of their gender, make sure they carry an ID card and leave it at the reception of your hotel (this is only for your own safety and should stop them from robbing you in the first place.) Last but not least, do NEVER accept a drink from your streetwalker lover. Chances that the drink has been spiked and you’ll fall asleep before even getting a boner are unfortunately extremely high. Just saying.

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