Koh Larn Ferry Catches Fire, 102 Chinese Tourists Evacuated

Ferry to Koh LarnAnother ferry off the coast of Pattaya, this time carrying 102 Chinese tourists on a day trip from Pattaya to Koh Larn island, had to be evacuated Monday afternoon after a fire broke out in the engine room.
The second serious incident regarding a passenger boat on the Pattaya-Koh Larn route within just two days was blamed by the captain on “extremely high temperatures” which allegedly caused the engine to overheat.
While the fire was soon brought under control by crew members of the “Lung Orawan 2”, all tourists on board the wooden vessel were evacuated in time and escaped the incident unhurt.
Pattaya One reports:

A major emergency was declared which triggered responses by the Royal Thai Navy, Pattaya sea rescue unit and any boats in the vicinity. A total of 10 boats were on-scene within minutes of the first reports of fire on the ferry.

While the boat captain blamed the engine fire on the current hot weather in the region, the ferry was “impounded by the Navy and a full inspection and repairs will take place before the boat is allowed to return to service.”

This being the second serious boat accident off the coast of Pattaya within less than 24 hours, Pattaya One notes that “detailed inspections of all passenger ferries will take place within the next 12 hours in an effort to reassure tourists … that they are safe to use.”

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