Knife-Wielding Naked Russian Terrorizes Pattaya Market

Knife-Wielding Naked Russian Terrorizes Pattaya Market

When you think you’ve seen it all – all the clowns, muppets and lunatics you may come across on the streets of Pattaya – there’s always someone who takes it to the next level of looniness.
Now a knife-wielding naked Farang reportedly went on a rampage near the Mae Wilai market on Central Pattaya Road at about midnight on Wednesday night. The man has been identified as a Russian national; his name and age remain unknown, however.
A vendor at the market has been quoted by Khaosod English as saying that the knife-wielding naked Russian

charged at several people and tried to damage property, prompting many vendors, including herself, to close down their shops and bar their doors.

Police officers arrived about 20 minutes after someone alerted them and arrested the naked man. He was reportedly taken to Pattaya City Police Station to calm down.

Now you would think that the police would charge him with, um, public indecency, carrying a weapon without license, whatever. Or at least you would expect them to test him for drugs and keep him locked up in a cell until the clouds in his head clear up a little bit.
But no, Khaosod English report that

a call Thursday morning to the police station found they had no record of the man, indicating he was likely released soon after without charge.

Now there’s a naked violent nutcase roaming the streets of Pattaya with a knife (!) and threatening vendors at a market; the police arrest him and then, what do they do? They let him go as if nothing had happened so he can carry on with his mental shit.
Never a dull day in Pattaya, is there?

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