Jomtien Restaurant Owner Arrested for Violating Buddha Booze Ban

Soi Welcome JomtienThe 49-year-old female owner of a guesthouse and restaurant on Soi Welcome off Jomtien Beach Road was detained by the military under martial law Wednesday night for defying the nationwide ban on alcohol sales on Makha Bucha Day – one of the most important holy days in the Thai Buddhist calendar.
She was charged with violating the alcohol ban during religious holidays and insulting police officers on duty, facing a fine of at least 10,000 Baht and/or six months in prison.
Khaosod English reports that police were “alerted” at around 9 p.m., let’s assume by a grudging competitor, that the restaurant on the ground floor of the Everybody’s Inn guesthouse was “selling alcohol to foreign tourists in defiance of the alcohol ban.” Pattaya One adds that “officers took pictures of alcoholic beverages in front of foreign patrons [how nasty!], who were told to pay their bills and leave.” Note: This was just three hours before the alcohol ban was due to expire anyway.
When police arrived at the restaurant and requested the lady owner to observe the alcohol ban, the angered woman reportedly “ignored the order and continued to sell alcoholic beverages to customers.” She also loudly berated police officers and accused them of “extortion”. Pattaya One reports that the woman was presumably “intoxicated and confrontational” and, “during a two-hour conversation with police” (that’s how long the entire spectacle lasted), allegedly “used profanities”.
Police eventually called the military to reinforce them and detain the stubborn lady: “Soldiers arrived and informed the restaurant owner that she was under arrest by the power of martial law, which allows the military to detain individuals without a warrant.”
The lady then readily surrendered herself, telling reporters at the scene that she did “not like the police” but “preferred to be arrested by soldiers”. Her desire was promptly accomplished by the obliging boys in green.
Martial law was imposed nationwide two days before the military coup in May last year and continues to be in force.

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